Lush is one of those stores that if I see one I automatically find myself walking through the door. The smell for one is just irresistible.  Second, I love to use their products knowing they’re 100% animal cruelty free.
I visited the Oxford Street store, and after only going in for a couple of bath bombs I came out with more than I was expecting… I know its only October but the Christmas range launched at the beginning of this month, and I couldn’t wait much longer. Here are the products I’ve most recently purchased —

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This shower gel is candyfloss scented which is absolutely incredible – I mean, I couldn’t just walk out of the store without it.  After the shower it leaves your body smelling extremely good for hours, and also leaves your skin feeling nourished. Although its 100ml for £3.95, it really does live up to expectations.
Peeping Santa

With shea and cocoa butter in between a sandwich of strawberry bergamot and geranium oils this bubble bar smells gorgeous. The oils in the formula give you a relaxing and cleansing bath whilst being surrounded by mountains of bubbles. I loved this last year and I’m sure I’ll love it again!
Holly Golightly

I just love how this bubble bar sparkles. After picking it up in store and being covered in glitter (not complaining) I knew my bath would be full of sparkle, and it was! So it sure doesn’t disappoint. This is my all time favourite Christmas bubble bar, mainly because of its spicy cinnamon scent. The bar contains patchouli essential oils, which work to soften the skin and leave you feeling smooth.
Dashing Santa

I love to use this bath bomb to get me in a real Christmassy mood. The scent is really refreshing and uplifting as it uses bergamot and orange flower oils. After using this I felt extremely fresh and rejuvenated, and also smelt gorgeous! I popped this in the bath after crumbling some of the Peeping Santa bubble bar and I must say it was a treat.
Shoot For The Stars

Again this bath bomb has a fresh orange scent, but is more aromatic than Dashing Santa. The scent is very calming and seems to be a great one to use if you want to time out at night where to buy ventolin inhalers online time. Very very relaxing!
Golden Wonder

This is one out of the Christmas range that I never got around to trying last year. After watching the video of the product in the bath online, here, I am now super excited to try it out. In the water the parcel shaped bomb unfolds into golden and turquoise bursts. The product itself smells really fresh and zesty, including lime and orange scents.

The products below are my current favourites, which were bought on a second trip to the store. All of which are not part of the Lush Christmas range.
The Experimenter

The Experimenter bath bomb has a very sweet and comforting vanilla scent, and is one I always go back for. Not only do the colours implode vibrantly in the bath, there is popping candy hidden inside and I absolutely love that in a bath bomb. This one is really fun and definitely worth a try!

Pink Flamingo

I’ve used this a few times now and as you can see from the picture it still looks pretty brand new. Pink Flamingo is a reusable bubble bar and smells very similar to the Snow Fairy shower gel. It’s candyfloss scented and fills your bath will heaps of bubble and surrounds you with pink water. This one you can either swirl around in a hot bath or simply hold it under running water until you’re satisfied.

Now, last but not least, my absolute favourite from the new launch is Intergalactic. I’m absolutely obsessed with this bath bomb. The first time I tried it I fell in love! The peppermint scent is super refreshing to, and with popping candy inside I couldn’t resist to buy another. My all time favourite!
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