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Now that the summer is upon us, there’s no more excuses not to keep your hairs tamed (unless of course you don’t want to get rid of it). For me, getting rid of unwanted hairs is a must, whether its underarm, leg or bikini hair – it has to go! I’m a very regular shaver; usually about twice a week as my hair grows back extremely fast. So you can imagine how often I have to go and top up my razor stash. Friction Free Shaving (FFS)* has helped to stop me from having to do that, as they deliver a brand new refill to my door every single month. Pretty good, right?

I was very kindly sent their 5-blade ‘Samantha’ razor to try for a month to see if it was something that would be of my interest. Now the months up I am a huge FFS fan, and it’s possibly the best beauty find I’ve come across in a while. I never knew owning a decent razor would make my legs feel so good. I normally use a 3-blade head, but this never seemed to give me a close enough shave.

I never knew much about how often and when you should order doxycycline canada replace your razor blades. But since using my FFS razor I’ve been replacing the head every week and have noticed such a big difference. Blunt blades and overused razor blades can cause irritation and skin rashes, but by using FFS and replacing the blade once a week, I’ve witnessed a closer, cleaner shave that my legs will thank me for later.

From just £3 per month you can choose which high quality women’s razor you want, all made from metal. Depending on your needs you can choose from a 2, 3 or 5 blade head, and you can also choose your colour to.

This is the UK’s first ever women’s monthly razor subscription service, and you can jump on trend now and wave goodbye to sore red legs! The packaging and design of the razor is incredible for the price to, super stylish that looks gorgeous in my bathroom. Who isn’t all about aesthetically appealing skincare tools?
Want to get ahead and get summer smooth legs? Find all about Friction Free Shaving and the products here.
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