The time has come. Tiny waists and overnight success is now a trend? Yes it would be nice for this to happen, but lets be real, it just doesn’t happen without the work. Successful women, and men, are now in the spotlight for their body image and ‘Instagram perfect’ lives. An hourglass shape and a million dollars cannot happen without hard grafting, but these celebrities don’t show this do they?



Many of us understand this stomach wrenching feeling of comparing ourselves to others, especially when it comes down to body image and materialism. We’re more obsessed with others possessions than our own. If Kim Kardashian has just posted yet another unrealistic Instagram of her with a million pounds worth of clothes and jewellery on and perfect pearly whites, we instantly think her life is fabulous. Let’s not kid ourselves, that’s not really how it is.

Most of us are guilty of going that extra mile for a nice Instagram snap, so much so that we won’t starting drinking our coffees until we’ve got the perfect shot, and by that time its gone cold. Or, you won’t let your friends eat their lunch until you’ve taken over 100 photos of the food to then find only one half decent image that isn’t Insta-worthy and your friends are now not the slightest bit impressed.

You’re becoming a social media warrior that constantly feels they need to have their wits about them to influence and impress others. It’s all getting a bit too much. We’re obsessed with portraying the perfect self-image and its needs to stop, and this is how…

  1. Size isn’t everything. This includes waists, smiles, money and general stuff. If someone has a tiny waist and hips four times the size, I’m sure its unachievable because its simply not real. Comparing ourselves to unrealistic goals isn’t healthy, it isn’t cool and it isn’t fun. How you measure up with other people has no importance in your life. Whether that’s a bigger house, a larger paycheck or a gigantic wardrobe full with clothes, who cares? You’ve got what you’re happy with so don’t let others possessions make you feel lesser. Unfollow those that make you feel this way, it’s that simple.
  1. Stop making life a competition. You might not like to admit, but what we tweet, post, pin or share is always craving some attention. The more likes you get the cooler you are apparently. If the post doesn’t make it to double figures then you haven’t made it. Likes really shouldn’t be a concern, as long as you’re happy behind the camera. Use Social Media for a happy pursuit. I only use it when you want to look for inspiration.
  1. We always compare the wrong things. We look at someone and get an impression on how much they’re worth or how many Twitter followers they have. These numbers aren’t something to crave, as they don’t show self-worth. Having a smile on your buy ventolin albuterol salbutamol face and being happy is worth a million times more than money. Smiling behind your phone is more important than faking it in behind your keyboard.
  1. You don’t need to be a crowd follower. Even though we’re here to be individuals we don’t like being back of the pack and straying from the crowd. We are constantly hunting for what is right and wrong, like whether posting a picture of coffee without coffee art is edgy enough to pass the 10 likes mark. I give you a challenge, next time you post a photo don’t check it till the next day to see how many likes you’ve got. This way you won’t have to constantly be on edge. I mean, it’s only a like.
  1. Comparisons take away your joy. Comparing yourself to someone else, or something they have will only take away your joy on what you have. We waste our precious energy fantasising over other people, when that energy needs to be spent on yourself. Instead of spending hours on Social Media, use that time focusing on yourself and do something that’s actually fun.
  1. We are here to be different. We weren’t put on this earth to be the same, especially not to look to other people and wish to have what they do. It holds no importance and why let Beyoncé bring you down. Turn off your social media, look in the mirror, do a dance and be you.

I know we live in a society that forces perfection, just don’t let others people affect you. A snapshot of a perfect moment doesn’t tell us everything about that person. Just because they’re smiling for one second doesn’t mean the next they’re walking on the clouds. Stories are rarely shared about others failures and issues, just remember that. Nobody is perfect or can ever be perfect – that includes you and me.

Living life how you want to live it will make you a million times happier than watching someone else’s life and you sit miserably and ‘admire’ from afar. Comparing yourself is an unhealthy habit that all guilty need to get rid of right away. It can distinguish all joy and happiness in your life, and that’s not what life is about. So what if someone on your Instagram and just spent thousands on a luxurious holiday, and who cares if an old friend has just got a new job, let’s focus on you.

I’m not telling you to stay off Social Media, because we’ve been bought into this age where its more or less a hobby of ours. Just don’t let it be your only option when you’re bored, and certainly don’t let it ruin your mood when your precious time can be spent doing bigger and better things. I still use it but when I do I tell myself, “when enough is enough just put it down”.

Megan ??



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