Being a woman, it can be quite horrible to have unwanted hair on your body. There’s nothing at all wrong with having it, but when you want it all gone it can be quite an effort to get rid of it. I myself grow hair back very quickly. I can shave my legs and the next day they feel prickly again – it’s the worst. So, I’ve been testing out the Hair No More Spray* by Skin Doctors. It’s a true innovation in hair removal as I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this – I was very intrigued as you might be, so let me tell you more.

Essentially, this spray is created to discourage unwanted hair from growing back. If you have fine hair this stuff will work it’s wonders pretty quick, but I have coarse hairs so it has taken a bit of time but nonetheless, any results are better than none in just a few weeks. This spray claims to keep hair away for months if you continue to use it, which I am certainly going to do as I’ve isotretinoin 20mg seen results already. My hair is growing through finer and a little slower.

The spray is formulated with natural herb and plant extracts to nourish and calm the skin once you’re done with your hair removal. So practically, this stuff is a two in one. As it’s shown slower results for me, I definitely love this for calming my skin as I suffer with rashes sometimes on my thighs and underarms and it’s super cooling to. You simply spritz it onto the area and massage it.

As it’s quite a small compact bottle encased in frosted plastic, it means you can take this stuff on the go with you, so I’ll certainly be taking this away with me on my holidays.

If you’re a waxer, Skin Doctors say it works more effectively as it allows the product to be easily absorbed into the skin follicles. You can really use this after any method of hair removal, I love it for after shaving.

This is available at Amazon, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

Have you tried this or anything like it?

Megan ?



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