Body care for me is just as important as facial skincare. As part of my daily routine I like to make sure I take good care of my skin from head to toe. After a shower my favourite thing todo is moisturise my body and if I’ve got time, I lie and let it soak – that way it feels like an extra treat! In the summertime, having hydrated skin ensures your skin won’t dry out and also means you’re in for a better tan.

Palmers body products have been a go to of mine for years as my mum has always used them. However these particular products are quite new to me and I’m obsessed with how they make my skin feel, let alone the smell!

If you’re one for lightweight body care, one that nourishes and hydrates but dries fast then the Raw Shea Body Lotion* is perfect for that. This is more of an everyday product that you can use if you’re in a rush but still want to care for your skin. You only need a small amount of this to cover the desired areas, and it’s important to use a small amount if you want it to dry fast. I find this stuff incredible for the dry or irritated areas of my body, especially my arms, as it soothes and nourishes it right away. Also, this leaves you with beautifully scented sweet and feminine skin.

Palmers products have many properties, but what I love most is that they are ethically sourced and always full of goodness. The body care range is prepared especially to make your skin appear radiant and more buy ventolin cheap online youthful as the ingredients work to balance tone and texture as well as soothe any irritation you may suffer with. They always smell dreamy to!

For those of you who like body care a bit heavier and a bit more ‘pamper-like’ the Cocoa Body Butter* is the one. If I’m having a long soak and feel my skin needs that extra bit of looking after, I always go for this over the lotion. They both hydrate the skin and leave you baby soft, but the body butter is a bit thicker, which I feel can transforms my skin for ages. I feel like this really makes a difference to the radiance of my skin. Instead of it looking dull, it appears to be really glowing and cared for after using this stuff – I’ve never experienced it before. The formula caters for those even with very sensitive skin as it’s so rich and creamy. This stuff literally smells like raw cocoa powder, which I find heavenly but it doesn’t leave a sickly sweet smell on your skin, more of a light nutty scent. It’s formulated with Vitamin E that works to block radicals and keep the skin looking youthful.

These products are super affordable and they last forever as you only ever need a small amount. They are available in store and online at Superdrug and Boots for under £6! Palmers are also a cruetly and paraben free brand that also have an amazing hair care range for all hair needs, and my favourites will be coming to the blog soon so stay tuned.

What body care do you love for a skin treat?

Megan ?



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