There’s nothing I love more than hydrated and soft lips. When you think of skincare it’s easy to forget about your lips, as facial products are usually top priority. For me, taking care of your lips is just as important and I’ve found the perfect little duo for keeping them soft and hydrated.

From day to day lip care I make sure to keep my lips hydrated with a balm, but every so often I like to take extra care, just like my I do with my face. Skinn Cosmetics have a whole range of beauty goodness, from makeup to skincare and today I’m talking to you about my favourite products to achieve luscious well-cared for lips. It’s quite a recent discovery but I haven’t been able to stop using them since and I needed to share them.

When I say I like to take extra care I mean I like to exfoliate my lips. Skinn have a lip exfoliator, the Sugar Lips Lip Polish Scrub* and it’s really made a difference to the softness of my lips. I get dry lips on a regular basis with all the lipsticks and glosses I wear everyday, so it’s important to take care of them. This scrub works to give your lips a little indulgent treat by getting rid of any flakiness or dry bits. It’s made with real sugar and a special butter blend to works it’s buy priligy uk online magic and it also smells and tastes good enough to eat (yes I may have tried it, oops). It’s so easy to use, you just massage a small amount in circular motions and rinse with warm water when you feel you’re done. I usually exfoliate them for around 30 seconds to a minute. It’s not harsh at all and is gentle enough to use daily, but I tend to use it twice a week.

However, their Lip Balm* is something I do use daily – many times of day in fact. I also always use this after exfoliating my lips and tend to slather it all to put all the moisture back into them. It’s velvety smooth texture is so soothing and quenching to hydrate the driest of lips. The balm is formulated with Vitamin C and Volulip that works to enhance plumpness, improve lip curvature and leave you with soft juicy lips. It comes in 5 flavours to, including Mango and Strawberry Daiquiri. Honestly, everything from their lip range smells good enough to eat!

This little duo is honestly a life saviour, especially after a day of wearing a liquid lipstick. I now sometimes even opt for the lip balm instead of a gloss or lipstick as it gives the most gorgeous shine and isn’t sticky at all. These are available to purchase on the Ideal World site.

What is your favourite lip care?

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