I find foundations quite a tricky area to tackle in the beauty world. For one, trying to colour match yourself is just a nightmare and two, sometimes the finish and formula just isn’t right for you. Foundations can also be a hard product to recommend, as everyone’s skin prefers something different. Maybelline foundations were pretty new to me when I picked up the two variations of the Fit Me foundations, but now I’m obsessed. Finding a drugstore foundation you love is a real winner, isn’t it?

I went for both purely because some ‘dewy’ foundations on me just aren’t dewy enough or at all, and the same goes for matte formulas. Whatever it says on the bottle never really happens on my face, I just test them out and see hope for the best. I have oily combination skin, and can sometimes suffer with tiny dry areas, and you’d think I’d prefer the matte foundations but that’s so not me. I love dewiness and glow, and being able to get that from a foundation is incredible. It doesn’t mean I reach for dewy foundations over matte, I just go with whatever works. This range also boasts quite a varied shade range and I actually found it easy to colour match myself for once! So whether you prefer dewy or matte, I’ve got something for you.

Typically, I don’t have a favourite out of these two foundations because they both add luminosity and glow to your skin. However, if you’re more for dewiness or have dry skin, the Dewy + Smooth formula is hands down perfection. This formula is made for dry and even buy priligy pills sensitive skin, as its super creamy and hydrating. It smoothes out the skins texture to leave a natural and luminous glow, which I find really flattering even on my skin type. It doesn’t give me excess oil, I just ensure to add a small amount loose translucent powder after to set it. The finish is very seamless and I say gives a medium coverage that lasts all day. If you apply it with a brush it gives a sheerer coverage, but with a beauty blender I find it more buildable and effortless. This foundation contains SPF 18 to protect your skin from environmental damage.

If you prefer a matte finish, one very flawless, then the Matte + Poreless would be my recommendation. Although the foundation claims to be mattifying, I wouldn’t say this is completely matte. I find some other matte foundations can flatten your features but this one doesn’t, it adds some luminosity and life to your face. It keeps your oil levels at bay, even without powder, and creates a seamless base with minimal pores. This gives a medium coverage, a bit heavier than the Dewy + Smooth formula, but again can be applied with a brush or sponge. I find it just as lightweight but would recommend this for normal to oily skin types.

I love that Maybelline has covered both preferences for the finish of foundation, and I have found both really wearable. Both foundations are so natural, even if you build the coverage. I’m yet to try more from the range.

Have you used any Maybelline foundations?

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