With summer now literally minutes around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with some super beautiful bright nail polishes. I’m one of those that will choose a nail polish depending on the season, as I’m all about those bright reds, peaches and pinks during the summer time. These new shades from Rimmel are really getting me in the summer mood.

Rimmel London recently launched their new Super Gel Nail Polishes* in 5 new shades, including summer brights and pastels and they are oh so pretty. They really are a gel finish, like those you’d get in a salon, as they are quite thick, shiny and non-chip. When applying gel nails, there is always the fuss of having to use lights and what not to harden the polish and make it last. However, with these you don’t need that. The polishes dry in less than no time and harden without using the lights. I think these polishes are outstanding and so professional for the price.

To apply these you can either use one or two coats of your chosen shade and then apply the gel topcoat to finish them off. I like the ‘thicker’ looking polish so I apply two coats and I’ve found it literally buy amoxil antibiotic doesn’t chip. Some nail polishes I layer up tend chip quite quick but these haven’t. These also give a really pretty glossy finish, which I’m all for.

As I’m an acrylic nail girl and these arrived as soon as I had them done, I tried them out on my toes. I do love to give myself a pedicure quite often and I love using polishes that I know will last and give me that super shiny salon-like finish.

The new shades include:

Coral Queen – a bright orange

Dive Right In – a rich pastel blue

Purple Splash – a pastel lilac

Sun Fun Daze – a bright hot pink

Flamenco Beach – a hot red

My favourites from the new shades are Flamenco Beach and Sun Fun Daze as they are the kind of shades that remind me of summer and are ones I typically go for. Right now, I’m wearing Flamenco Beach and it’s honestly my favourite kind of red. It’s a hot red but very sophisticated and the shine the topcoat gives is just what I like. The topcoat is what finishes the entire process and enhances the shine and prolongs the wear of the varnishes, so I highly recommend using it.

What summer nail polishes do you love?

Megan ?



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