The main pain about summer for us makeup wearers is when you get a slight tan and your foundation no longer matches. I find the same problem happening year in, year out and it’s very saddening to say bye bye to your favourite foundation until you match it again. I’ve finally got my hands on something that has saved me from suffering.

For the past year or two I’ve heard many things about darkening drops, which you put into your foundation to deepen the shade. Ive been trialling The Body Shop’s Darkening Drops* and oh wow, where have I been?! With just one teeny tiny drop you can change the entire shade of your favourite liquid foundation. When I say teeny tiny I really mean it, as a little goes a long way with this.

I was always a bit terrified to use these as I thought it would turn my face super dark but it doesn’t do that at all. Depending on the ratio you use of foundation to drops, you can step up one shade to many shades darker. I find they don’t change the consistency, buy generic doxycycline online coverage or longevity of the foundation you’re using, they simply work to deepen the shade, which is exactly what I need now the summer is here.

I love the drops come with a little pipet so that you can drop the amount you need into either your entire foundation bottle, or onto a mixing plate/your hand with the foundation to mix. I prefer to apply the drops to the back of my hand with my foundation so I can just deepen it when I need to. Applying it to an entire bottle can be done if you wish to though, and just shake to mix it each time you use it.

These drops are honestly a life saver if like me, you like to still be able to wear foundation with a tan. I don’t particular wear liquid foundation on holiday, but is perfect for those who do like to. This will be my holy grail throughout summer!

If you wish to lighten your foundation, they also have Lightening Drops* that you can find here and work just the same.

Have you ever used darkening drops?

Megan ?



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