It’s not everyday I welcome two brand new products into my daily skincare routine at once, but with these from Roger & Gallet it just felt right to. I find incorporating a new brand into your daily routine can be quite daunting as you don’t know how your skin will react to it. So let me tell you how I feel about it.

Roger & Gallet’s skincare range, Le Soin Aura Mirabulis, is based around 18 distilled and officinal plants that are known to heal and protect the skin. These particular plants were used and love by the monarchy and Emperors, fancy eh? I wondered why I felt super luxurious when using the products – the packaging says it all. At first, I thought these products would be too heavy and rich for young skin and but I was quite wrong. The range really works on repairing texture and adding radiance and luminosity that I quite lack sometimes.

To start, my favourite has to be the Le Soin Aura Mirabulis Legendary Fluid*. This product is a dream when you’re skin feels extra thirsty, like mine does in the summer heat. In the evenings when my skin is screaming for some moisture, I go about my normal skincare routine and apply this last and my skin feels like it’s drank a gallon of water. After applying this my skin literally feels repaired within a matter of minutes and it’s also great product if you’ve got a slight texture to your skin that you want help with. This is pretty much a super lightweight serum, more on the watery side, which I prefer, that works to repair the skins order ventolin online uk texture whilst hydrating and restoring radiance at the same time. I find this has really become a staple of mine for my evening routine as its quick to use and soak in. It’s fluid and fast drying enough to use in the mornings before applying your makeup if that’s how you like to use these products.

From the same range, I’ve been using the Legendary Balm*, which is an ultra lightweight but creamy moisturiser that works like the Legendary Fluid but is a bit richer on the skin. Of an evening I love to slather on the moisturiser and leave it over night for it to sink into the skin. Although this is lightweight, it’s quite rich and heavier than the Fluid so it’s certainly one I usually use more at night time. Saying that, I do find it non-sticky and non-greasy but just takes a bit more time to sink into the skin. When I wake in the morning after using this, my skin feels glowy and luminous and I admittedly don’t apply much morning skincare as this has already done the job for me overnight. It’s a real life saver when you don’t like to apply much in the mornings I must say.

These products work like a dream when used together and they really give long lasting results, which I feel some skincare products don’t actually provide at times. I am so glad I incorporated both products into my routine at once as they work better as a pair than on their own for my skin.

Have you tried any products from Roger & Gallet before?

Megan ?



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