When it comes to beauty products, especially makeup, I am one of those who will find a product I love and stick to it until I get bored.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t mix up my makeup routine everyday. I wish I did as I would get to use the rest of my collection that sits patiently waiting for me until the day I get bored of a product, because it’s not all the time I switch up what I use.

On the other hand, my skincare routine last year was a bit all over the place I have to admit. One day I would use a brightening eye cream then I would forget it for weeks on end. Sometimes I would switch up the moisturiser or serum I was using every other day or so as I would just get bored because I wasn’t seeing results. But little did I realise, the ‘not seeing results’ part was of course my fault as I didn’t use a product long enough to get the full effect. A night cream isn’t going to give you the softest, clearest and most radiant skin possible after just one use is it? I wish.

Unfortunately, skincare products, just like any other, don’t work that way. You need to give them time to get to love them and they will love you back, if they’re the right thing for your skin.

So, the past 6-8 weeks I’ve been trialling some new products. Some I’ve loved, some I’ve absolutely loathed, and some were just a bit meh. I wanted 2018 to be the start of a new, solid and feel good skincare routine. A routine I’d stick to and feel good for doing and bad for not. A few new products wowed me almost to the max and then my friends… entered a new serum.

Say hello to the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. My new best friend, hero, love, everything – are you getting how much I love this? I think you are.

This is a product I couldn’t wait to try when it arrived and I haven’t stopped using it since. So really, it is one thing you need to buy this month (especially if you want to up your skincare game).

Before this serum came into my life, I could only ever think of a serum as an evening skincare step. Every one I tried were effective, nourishing hydrating, and most things you want in a serum, but they were always quite heavy duty and never allowed me to go on with my makeup routine in the mornings without feeling oily. If you’re the same, this is about to change your mind.

This formula is built to be all of the things above (and everything you could want from a serum) but can also be used as a morning skincare step, even just before makeup application. Yes I know, its genius.

Bobbi Brown’s skincare is known to cater for all ages and skin types, as does this little gem. This serum is designed to brighten the complexion, clarify, nourish and also reduce signs of aging. Although I’m in my early 20’s, I think now is the right time to start with an anti-aging product. I don’t use this serum for that purpose, but it is a great benefit.

If you’re looking for radiant and clearer skin to, this is the answer.

I apply this morning and evening, I love it that much. I always apply it as the last step in my skincare routine and my routine can’t be complete without it. As I say, it can be used just before applying makeup as it doesn’t leave any greasy residue and sinks it within a few seconds.

To apply I add 2-3 drops to my palms, rub together, then apply all over my face and neck. I always ensure any leftover product is rubbed into the back of my hands because why the heck not, it makes my hands feel good. In the mornings I usually tap my skin with my fingertips after rubbing in to ensure it all sinks in.

And there you have it, the one thing I cannot live without and recommend to anyone looking for a holy grail skincare product. New year, new skin – who’s with me?

If you’re a bit iffy about spending the full amount I suggest asking at a counter for a sample first, but I can say I’m 95% sure you’ll love it like I do.

You can find the product here or in-store at Bobbi Brown, John Lewis and Debenhams.

What’s your one thing you can’t live without right now?



* This post contains a PR sample *


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