10 Unique Gift Ideas That Anyone Will Love

When it comes to gift-giving, most people prefer to hand over presents to loved ones in person. However, geographical distances and ever-changing rules surrounding social contact during COVID-19 can often make that challenging.

What can you do if you want to give your significant other, a relative, or a friend a special gift or surprise if it’s not possible to do so in person? Well, it turns out there are a few ways you can surprise a loved one from afar.

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Take a look at these fun examples to cheer someone from a distance or help celebrate an event such as a birthday or anniversary:

1. A Box of Brownies

The person in your life you want to surprise likely has a sweet tooth. If that’s the case, one way to make that special someone smile and brighten up their days (and fill up their bellies) is with some postal brownies.

It’s the perfect way to fill their day with joy and happiness, and because you aren’t just choosing to send them something unique, it shows that you’ve put a lot of thought into your idea. Have some brownies made with their favorite chocolates or flavors for extra kudos!

2. A Large Bouquet of Flowers

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Perhaps work reasons have meant that you and your lover don’t see each other as often as you’d both like? There’s no denying that long-distance relationships can be challenging.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give each other fun little surprises from time to time. For example, you could send your significant other a large bouquet of fresh flowers handpicked by a florist local to them. You can usually include a personalized message with your bouquet.

3. A Year’s Subscription to Spotify

It’s no secret that there are many gift ideas you can consider for the loved one in your life. If you know that they are a music lover, for instance, one neat idea might be to gift them 12 months’ worth of Spotify Premium access.

Spotify is undeniably one of the top ways to stream music over the Internet, and it’s a brand supported by many Internet-connected devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and automotive A/V devices.

4. A Custom T-Shirt

Does the person in your life wear t-shirts most of the time, either for work or leisure reasons? If so, you could help them increase their collection by sending them a custom t-shirt. In a nutshell, a custom t-shirt has one-off colors, designs, and images printed on them.

You could have a custom t-shirt printed with their favorite saying on it or an image that depicts their top hobby or something they’re passionate about in life. Just remember to find out their size for a perfect fit.

5. Travel Tickets to Come and Visit You

Sometimes relatives, good friends, and lovers can’t spend more time with the people they miss dearly for financial reasons. If your loved one is having a tough time financially at the moment, one of the best things you could gift them is travel tickets to come and visit you.

It’s very easy to pre-book tickets for bus, train, or air travel in advance, and you can purchase them for other people without any trouble. Such a noble gift idea will leave the loved one in your life feeling humbled, grateful, and above all, very happy.

6. A Photo Book of Happy Memories

The Internet has undeniably played host to all kinds of exciting enterprises. For example, it’s now possible to have books printed out which can contain any text or images, and you don’t need to have tens, hundreds, or thousands of books printed in a single “run.”

With that in mind, have you thought about getting a custom photo book of your happiest memories together printed out? It’s one of those gift ideas that the loved one in your life will treasure for a long time.

7. A Wine Gift Set

Is the loved one in your life a wine enthusiast? If so, one way to surprise them might be to send a wine gift set to them. There are two ways that you can send such a gift to your loved one. Firstly, you could select their favorites locally and mail them to them in a protective box.

The other option is to purchase a wine gift set direct from an online retailer and have them send the gift set directly to your loved one. A wine gift set is sure to put a smile on their face, and you can both toast a glass of wine together via a video call.

8. A Care Package

Care packages are undoubtedly practical gift ideas for any dear friend, relative, or lover in your life that is perhaps thousands of miles away from you at the moment. You can send them a selection of their favorite foods, drinks, and toiletries in a single box.

Remember to research online if there are any restrictions on what you can send to them via the postal service or a courier. The last thing you want to happen is for your care package to get confiscated by border authorities in a foreign nation.

9. A Year’s Subscription to Netflix

If you can’t “Netflix and chill” with your loved one for a while, and they don’t live near you at the moment, you could cheer up your significant other with a year’s subscription to Netflix.

You can purchase Netflix gift cards and load them with cash, much as you would a pre-paid debit card. Your loved one can then enjoy all the things they love to watch on Netflix for free.

10. A Telegram

Let’s face it: no one really sends telegrams to each other anymore. However, it’s still possible to send telegrams to people, wherever they are in the world. You might not think it, but a telegram can be a hugely romantic gesture on your part.