For many of us, our first thought in the morning is to wake up and immediately check our phones for messages, the latest on social media, or maybe even the news. There’s an increasing trend of reliance upon our smartphones, especially among Millennials (people that reached young adulthood around the year 2000).  Let’s be honest, most of us sleep with our phones next us to us in bed, as if it will go missing somewhere in the night. Its crazy to think of the amount of people who have to have their phone will them 24/7. Here below are some of the main reasons why our smartphones are the reason to why we can’t switch off.
No 1.
We feel like we’re missing out on something
It’s a constant panic when you can’t get to your phone enough to know that you aren’t missing out on something. It can be as simple as a funny text in a group message, the latest celeb gossip and trends – we are all guilty. We simply cannot ignore our devices.
No. 2
We always need to be one step ahead
Many believe that to be ahead of the game is to be the greatest success. Some of us feel that buying the latest gadget, finding a new and upcoming artist or for us girls’, getting the best make up products, is something to stand by and feel proud of. But at the end of the day, everyone else will eventually catch up with you and you won’t feel you’ve succeeded anymore. Trying to be ahead of the game is tiring and stressful, and it’s best to just buy ventolin hfa inhaler take a step back.
No 3.
How many of us reach for our phone within the first minute of being bored? I would say most! When we can’t find anything else to keep us occupied or be creative with, we sit and spend valuable time flicking through social media. Our boredom leads to overthinking, which leads to more unnecessary stress. When you’re next bored, try reading or being active, you’ll see it passes much more time and makes you feel positive.
No 4.
It’s our friend
This may sound silly, but how can your phone not be a friend when you enjoy its company and you’re always with it. We rely on our phones so much that it’s our primary source for information and comfort. In a Forbes study, 3 out of 5 people admitted they spend more time on their computer than with their friends and family – you don’t want that being you! More and more of us are opting for screen time over spending time with others, try putting your phone done next time, you’ll see how much it helps.
What triggers you to pick your phone up the most? Comment below.
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