I don’t know about you, but coming across strange beauty tips really fascinates me and I instantly want to see if they work. A few weeks ago I was watching a YouTube video from NikkieTutorials – the ultimate beauty queen – where she used Nivea Post Shave Balm on a client and described it as the “best primer ever”. So, ultimately I wanted to test it!

At first, as many others will be, I was a bit hesitant to put a shave balm on to my face. I thought it would irritate my skin or break me out, but it did neither of those. After using it for a couple of days as my primer, my skin has been feeling smoother and quite a bit more hydrated.
The formula is fairly runny but also creamy and smooth, which applies really nicely to freshly clean skin. Personally, I feel the smell of the balm isn’t too strong and can actually smell quite nice once applied. Another positive it that there is 100ml of product in the bottle, which I know will last ages as I’ll be using it alongside my other primers.
The ingredient in the product buy amoxicillin online cheap that is formulated as a priming base is the glycerine; it acts as ’glue’ for foundation, the same way as all other primers. Glycerine is used for many other purposes, so long as it’s diluted down with water. It can be used as a gentle moisturiser, as well as an eye shadow primer, or even in cooking. Therefore, if you wish you can also buy glycerine on its own, as long as you dilute it down and are aware of any risks!
I purchased the product from Boots for £5.35 – so much cheaper than any other primer I own! It’s also available from Superdrug, Lloyds, Tesco and many other stores. I wont lie to you, in terms of longevity I believe it worked a little better than my Mac Prep+ Prime Skin. But I’ll still be using both, as Mac primers are some of my all time holy grail products! Overall it worked really well and exceeded expectations for staying power and smoothing out imperfections, definitely worth a try if you love to test bizarre beauty!
Let me know if you have tried this, or any other bizarre beauty products.
Thanks for reading,

Megan ?


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