Constantly having to take photos on a smartphone can be a nightmare. First the quality just sometimes isn’t what you want, and then your storage is full because of too much snapping. So, after a year of Uni I thought I would invest in a camera that’s had amazing reviews for its value and image/video quality. After reading a zillion reviews I finally settled on the Canon 700D, also known as the T5i.

Due to Canon’s amazing reputation I knew the camera wouldn’t fault in any way. Not only does it shoot in 18-megapixels with incredible quality, the camera also films in HD. Also, whilst snapping or filming, the camera has an LCD Touch Screen that allows you to use either deep or shallow focus, which really helps to give a professional finish. It’s definitely a camera great for beginners as well as those with more knowledge and expertise, as its very multi-functional, giving exceptional auto settings as well as manual. As this is my first DSLR camera I am currently sticking to the Auto settings as it sets the Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed for you.

The camera on its own costs generic accutane usa around £400 from places such as Canon UK, Amazon and John Lewis. My particular package came with a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens which retails for around £130 on it’s own – also available from the stores listed. There are many more lenses for the camera that you can purchase individually and I hope to invest in after using it for a while.
I can honestly say that so far there is absolutely nothing I can complain about. One thing that I was expecting was for the camera to feel quite bulky and fairly heavy but it isn’t in the slightest. Even with a large lens the camera is very portable and easy to take with you anywhere.
This is a camera I highly recommend for those looking to advance their photography and filming skills. Incredible for quality, value and design with very good features for use in street, landscape, travel, wildlife, portrait and much more.
Below are some sample images I’ve taken. Thanks for reading!

Great lighting in dark settings
Auto focus setting – great professional finish with shallow focus background

Megan ?


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