Louis Vuitton recently opened an exhibition in the Strand, London, to showcase creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s AW 2015 collection. The whole experience entails a multi-sensory vision through video and photography. Vuitton named the show ‘Series 3’ to reflect the ‘Past, Present and Future’ of the process by which the collection went through.
The exhibition is spread across three floors and 13 rooms, all of which are different in every way possible.  It was quite a surreal experience to feel part of a fashion designer’s thought process and see behind the scenes. By this I mean being able to witness the luxurious products being manufactured by the makers, both on screen and in person in the Artists Hands Room.
Watching products be made in the Artists Hand Room
My most favourite part of the exhibition is the famous blinding white-lit room. The mannequins are finished cheap amoxil 250 mg with accessories that are attached to walls and plinths, ultimately putting the sole focus on how handbags and shoes are a major component of a look.
A walk in wardrobe greets us at the end of the exhibition that delves us in to see how a woman lives in the world of fashion. All pieces establish the perfect balance between the past and the present. This reflects how the brands 19thcentury origins are mixed with its role in the modern fashion industry.
At the end of an exhibition lies a lounge for food, drinks and chatter that overlooks the Thames. The exhibition ends on the 18th October – definitely not worth missing!
The exhibition as a whole shows us how fashion is still a fine art, with intricate hand crafted details foretelling unique artistic stories.






Hope you enjoyed!

Megan ?



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