New experiences and opportunities can make us realise what it is that really makes us feel uplifted and positive. Getting older takes people through a whole lot of weird and wonderful things that we may or may not love, but these experiences help us to understand what we really want and how we can pursue those things we want to do.

Over the past year or so I’ve found it a lot easier to say no. By this I mean not taking part in those things you do not wish to do, which are most likely things that could be a waste of your time or not benefit you in any way. Saying yes to something that you later wish you had said no to is a life lesson many of us experience. We learn from these things. However, it’s a whole other life lesson to start doing things for yourself, and jump in to doing what you love.

It can take time to realise that you are surrounding yourself with negative energy and things that aren’t really what you want to be doing. I find that life is too short to do things that don’t make you happy. But, as you get older you find the right balance and it becomes clearer on how to do what you want to make you feel positive.

Not everything is meant to last forever, and that’s ok! It can be refreshing to start somewhere new, with a new friend, place of work or even a hobby. We’re all too influenced by others in our life and forget how important it is to cut out the negativity.

1.     Surround yourself with the right people. It can be easy to be around those that aren’t giving back what you give to them, but it’s hard to see it. Cutting out the toxic people in your life that aren’t inspiring you and being happy for you is good for you – they’re not worth your priligy order online time!

2.    Stop comparing and focus on you. Never be influenced to be, look or act like others. Being yourself makes people love you more. You’ll find that those people that spread positivity are those being themselves.

3.    Learn to say no. As easy as it sounds, it’s something a lot of us just can’t seem to do. We overestimate how hard it is to say but once said it could lift a weight off of your shoulders. Doing things that you don’t want to do just makes your life a lot more stressful. Saying no isn’t really as bad as you think.

4.    Pursue your dreams. This can be anything. Whether in a job or education, don’t become stuck in something you do not want to be doing. Its cliché to say, “work for it”, but being ambitious and hardworking can really make a difference. Even small things like sharing something online or to your friends that you’ve really enjoyed.

5.    Find the balance. You can only do so much. Whether it is spending time with friends and family, studying and working or even your interests and hobbies, never overwork yourself and push too hard. Finding the right balance helps to focus your mind on what you actually want to do versus what you think you should do. Find a time to focus on yourself every week, this really helps to have a clearer mind-set and stop overthinking.

6.   Do what you love. You’re wasting your time if you are not doing what you love. Being able to feel proud and satisfied with what you’re doing day by day is an amazing feeling, and everyone can have that. Never back down from what you want to do because you’re scared what others might think. Do it for you, not anybody else.

I hope this helped or even inspired you! Surround yourself with positive energy and things that keep you feeling happy. Pin the image below to share and help others!

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