With the weekends being a time to relax and zone out, a ‘hobby’ of mine is to indulge myself on Pinterest for hours. Where recently I have a huge obsession with interior design and architectural spaces. I find something about these two areas quite inspirational and creative.

Minimalist and neat designs is what tends to catch my eye. Those spaces and interiors that use gold tones in a black and white crisp setting are my fave.
I tend to find myself on The Fifth Watches architecture boards quite a lot, as well as searching for Scandinavian home designs as they’re cheap accutane no rx exactly what I dream of home interiors to look like. This may be strange but I find these images very therapeutic, which is why I find time at the weekend to unwind on Pinterest boards. It’s also a great way to get some creativity flowing.

So here is what I’ve found to share, and click here if you’d like to see more of my Pinterest and what else inspires me – and I’m not joking, I do spend hours on Pinterest boards!







What things inspire you the most? Comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Megan ?



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