This post is by the lovely Monique from She Who Lives, as we’ve teamed up to bring you all a collaboration. I wrote for her a Charlotte Tilbury Foundation review, linked here. In this post she lets you in on 4 ways to stay organised and never fall behind during the holiday season. To find out how, keep on reading!

Hey Everyone! My name is Monique from She Who Lives, and I have the great pleasure to be the guest blogger for Life With MCM this week! I am very excited to share these tips with you guys, as I love to empower and uplift other female bloggers and aspiring bloggers. I’m here this week to talk about staying on top of your game as a blogger, when life gets crazy busy. Everyone loves the holidays, and I love to spend time with my family and friends this time of year. If you want to take your blog seriously and treat it like a business, then you HAVE to be prepared and organized when this time of the year creeps up. Now, let’s get to these tips!

1. Having a planner + desk calendar

I honestly love to have these for school and life in general! I’m a classic calendar kind of gal, and I don’t really like to rely on my phone to remind me of everything. It makes me feel a bit more in control if I have to take responsibility and look at it, rather than an alarm remind me. I love that with a planner and calendar, I have months ahead of me to plan my blog stuff. I make sure I plan posts, giveaway opportunities, and ideas! Without either of these I would be behind. I make sure my desk calendar is always updated, as well as my planner, and I take the planner with me everywhere.

2. Having a notebook or journal

Not only should you have a calendar for scheduling things, bu I’m the type of person who takes a notebook or journal with me everywhere! I will be sitting in the waiting room a the dentist and have the greatest idea pop into my head on a collaboration, or post idea, so I would like to write it down. I will forget it, if I don’t. It’s also great to have a notebook with you so that if you get caught up somewhere with some down time, but no computer, you could start writing there. I honestly love to write my posts in a notebook before I take them to a computer and type them up.

3. Using Hootsuite + Buffer or any other tweet/post scheduling provider

I am obsessed with social media. If you are taking you blog seriously, and you aren’t, you should learn to be! Social media these days is vital in promoting posts, connecting with readers or other bloggers, and getting the word out there! We aren’t exactly making much money from our blogs, if any, so we work, stay at home with the kids, or are in school (or a conjunction of those). We have lives outside of the blog, and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have much to blog about, now would we. Hootsuite and Buffer are my favorite apps/websites that make social media a breeze priligy usa throughout the day. I started out using just Buffer, and before bed every night I would schedule all ten of my free tweets throughout the night, and I’d wake up to a whole bunch of notifications the next day. It made me really realize the internet doesn’t stop when you go to sleep, and that there’s so much opportunity lost if you aren’t keeping social media live 24/7. I recently took interest in Hootsuite. I actually scheduled tweets for the next 3 days for free! The only reason I still use Buffer is because the tweets “auto-scheduling” or queue is more frequent than Hootsuite (without me having to manually change the times). I recommend at least using one to stay on top of your social media, since we all can’t afford social media managers.

4. Planning posts ahead of time, and I mean way ahead of time

I’ve only lately found the importance of this. If you are a blogger, you love to share content about what you care about. It should come easy. Writing your blog posts shouldn’t be a chore, and when it becomes so, it may be time to stop or take a break. I love to write my posts, and I make sure that I post alone 2-3 times a week. Having a contributor for my blog, Lizbrey, who writes another 2 posts a week, gives us a nice amount of posts. This time of year, it’s easy to fall behind, so having a bunch of posts written ahead of time will be so worth it. In the beginning I was writing all of my posts a few days before I would publish them, and sometimes the night before! It can get stressful to think, that one slip-up can put you behind and make you stress even more. To avoid so, prepare for the month with your calendar. I write all my post ideas throughout my calendar and get to writing posts on the last week of the previous month, for the following. It’s quite simple, that only 8 blog posts. I always leave room to write another on the weekend if I please. The rest of the month, I just work on the featured images, social media, giveaways, and guest blogs. I’ve read where bloggers write posts months ahead! Everyone has their own preference on how they run things, but having a system is important, though you always want to make sure you’re enjoying it at the end of the day. Your readers will notice.

Hectic times in life, like the holidays and more, will come and go, but that doesn’t mean your blog has to take the backseat! I hope these simple, yet important tips really make you feel the same way, and give you a push to take things seriously with your blog, if you’re looking to do so.
Have any other tips? How do you stay on top of your blog when life seems to get in the way?
It’s been a pleasure working with the lovely Megan these past few weeks, and I am so happy to have had the chance to be featured this week on Life With MCM.

You can find me and more from me here:

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Happy Holidays!



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