We all have times when we simply cannot switch off and unwind, don’t we? I find if you send your mind into overload that you don’t even think to try and calm down and take time out. So I’ve created a list of my top activities that I believe will help you to unwind and find a sense of mindfulness. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Meditative Art Colouring

This may sound a little weird, for someone who has not yet come across adult colouring books, I was sceptical at first. However, after ordering two and spending my time filling them out, I found myself relaxing and removing any thought process. Your mind delves into focusing on colouring and extracts any negativity you may have been feeling. It’s a great activity to take time out when at home, as you can spend literally an hour or two colouring away and forgetting about everything. You can buy them on Amazon.

Being in the kitchen can be stressful at times when you don’t know what to cook, or simply cannot be bothered. But baking is different. Having all of the ingredients lying out in front of you, and following a recipe or not, is somehow really calming. Taking a few hours out of your day to create something you’re proud of is extremely therapeutic, and getting to share your bake afterwards is quite rewarding.

This can be in the form of Journal, online or creative writing, but writing can be an all time relaxation remedy. This is also one for those of you who finds getting work done peaceful and a good way to spend spare time. However, if technology is the thing preventing you from feeling relaxed then simply step away from the screen and write in a book. Creative writing helps your mind flow, you can spill buy ventolin hfa online anything out on a page, negative or positive, and this creates a sense of mindfulness.

A most common way to de-stress is to walk or run, which you can if it works for you. 10 minutes to an hour is plenty, but use the outside space. Being outside is a great head clearer, and exercising alongside this releases endorphins, which are well known to reduce stress levels. However, if you’re looking for an ultimate calming exercise, then yoga is for you. Whether it be morning or night that you wish to de-stress, simply follow your own poses or find a class near you, and this will really guide you into a more relaxed and mindful state.
Listen to music

Another very common way for people to zone out is to listen to music, whilst travelling, exercising or in bed. It’s just a very simple and easy way to delve into your own zone and bypass anything around you. You can find great relaxing playlists on YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify if you need a little help with something different to listen to.

This is my favourite way to relax and this is because it’s my own time, with no distractions. I find that if you are at a very stressed point, having people or objects surrounding you can still send your mind into overload. So, having a space away from everything will help to unwind. Use any bath salts, cream, bubbles or products you wish to fill your bath with. Take 15 minutes to half hour to soak, and I guarantee you’ll feel de-stressed. Sometimes listening to quiet relaxing playlists in the bath can help if you’re finding it very difficult to switch off.
I hope any of these activities will help you. Let me know which activity you choose to de-stress in the poll below.

Thanks for reading,

Megan ?



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