I know it’s not just me that has given myself New Year Resolutions in the past and never stuck to them. It becomes so boring to put them in your already overloaded routine and actually abide by them for a full 365 days. Many of us also set unrealistic resolutions, like “lose half my body weight”, eat 5 a day, drink bucket loads of water, read every day, the list could go on. These really aren’t necessary.

Setting personal goals and not resolutions is the best way to get anything done in a year. Resolutions are something you must stick to, where a goal is something to aim towards. I set my goals mid January 2015 to give myself time to think what is realistic to achieve before that time next year, and they all worked. Goals are a form of motivation and achievement, and here’s 4 tips on how to set yours:
1.    Be realistic
Setting goals that are unrealistic can become a bad habit and lead to lack of motivation. So, the tip is to start small. Set yourself a target that you feel is only just out of reach with a little push, and once you hit that you’ll want to push harder for more. I’ve found that this works with saving money, fitness, deadlines and so much ordering priligy more.
2.   Give yourself time
Time is so important when it comes to reaching targets. But, the tip is – never rush! Whether it is work, your well-being or even organisation, you’ll never find the best result by rushing yourself. Slowing your pace will give a much better outcome. If you have other responsibilities that aren’t related to your goal, such as work and family, then give more time, as your life will become overloaded!
3.   Patience
If you feel your aren’t no where close to your goal then patience is all that will help you get there. This part can be hardest of all, especially when you see that other people can get there quicker. Never stop because of competition, because getting to your goal is the best feeling.  
4.   Commitment
If you are somebody setting yourself a goal that is out of your comfort zone, then it’s worth reconsidering if you’re going to stick to it. For example, if you’re joining a gym alone but are not motivated by yourself, this can make you not want to go, so find a buddy who will come along with you. Committing yourself is key to success, stick to what you’re aiming for!
What are your tips to sticking to goals?
Hope you enjoyed and this helped you set your goals!

Megan  ?


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