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We all love a nice red lipstick, right! There are plenty of different shades to choose from, and I’ve noticed that I tend to choose certain shades when I am feeling in a certain mood, LOL. Weird I know, but it’s true. I don’t always feel like wearing a bright red lip and I don’t always feel like wearing a dark red lip. So here’s my guide to choosing the perfect shade of red according to YOUR mood!
Lazy Mood:
Do you ever have those days where you just don’t feel like taking the time to glam up, yet you want to look glamorous. Us women can be so contradicting right. Here’s your solution! Put your hair up in a nice tight bun, grab the biggest pair of shades you own, and put on some red lipstick, like this shade:
This shade is by Milani, and it’s called Empress. It’s a beautiful red orange shade, perfect for the day time. No one will have to see that underneath the shades there’s no makeup, they’ll be too occupied looking at your vibrant red lips!
Feeling Vampy?
Yup, we all have those days where we want to be on the dark side, muahaha. JK. All kidding aside, I personally have those days where I wear nothing but dark colors, and by that I mean black, LOL. So why not pair it up with a dark red lip! I usually wear my hair up in a half pony tail, winged liner, and the dark red lip is the center of attention. I like to use this color by Colourpop:
This shade is called Bichette, it’s one of my favorites from the lippie stix collection at Colourpop! It’s not too dark, but it’s not also a super order ventolin bright red, and it goes perfect for those “vampy” days. 😉
For those “girly” days…
Because admit it, we all have days where we want to wear pink everything and flowers in our hair and…. Or am I the only one?! Haha. Truth is I have those days where I’m feeling extra girly, but I don’t want to over do it. My solution: highwaisted blue jeans, white crop top, and a red lip like this one:
This is a beautiful pinky, red coral lip by Colourpop in the shade Toucan. Perfect for those, “I’m feeling girly” days!
Fancy, Fancy, Fancy
Every once in a while we have special occasions where we want to look our best, and I always say go big or go home when it comes to the lips. I usually ditch my usually matte lips on special occasion and tend to wear a more glossy lip, red of course, like this one:
This lipgloss is by NYX, and it’s called Perfect Red. I love this color because it gives such an amazing shine, perfect for a special night out.
Classic Red:
I can’t talk about red lipsticks and completely ignore the original red lip, that one red lip that’s the mother of all red lips! The red lip that you wear on an everyday basis, just because you’re cool like that. My perfect red lipstick is this one:
This one too, is by NYX, it’s the shade Perfect Red, and let me tell you, it truly is the perfect red. It’s not too dark and not too bright, and you can wear it with any outfit!
Which was your favourite lipstick out of all? Do you tend to wear certain lipstick shades according to your mood? Leave your thoughts in a comment below! J
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