February is the month where I feel that I can properly begin my New Year. By this I mean, throughout January I still binge eat, feel a little grumpy and spend endless amounts of time splurging online. I don’t believe anyone can change their ways as soon as it hits January 1st, as nobody is really fully ready to be committed.  Commitment takes time as well as a lot of planning. It’s not going to benefit you if you jump straight into something without giving it thought and preparation. This can be literally anything, from a new job, getting more exercise, saving money and even a small part time hobby like reading or writing. I know the feeling when you’ve pushed yourself into something, without thinking at all, and it going the complete opposite to what you’d hoped and then giving up. So this year, along with setting myself goals, I’ve decided to be more committed and here’s how I’m going to do it.
It can be pretty tough trying to do things right and stick to it when there’s negativity surrounding you. Negative people and things can massively impact your will to stay committed, so blocking those things will massively help you move onto new and better things. If you’re stuck in a rut and finding it incredibly difficult to block out the negativity then go and find the positivity. Support systems are something that’ll want to make you succeed and become dedicated, just like how friends encouraged me to stay committed to blogging, which leads to the next step.
What’s the point in looking back if there’s something there to make you unhappy? Anything in our past can be sprung upon us to make us feel the need to not move on. But, taking priligy online pharmacy small steps and looking ahead can really help in terms of commitment. I always think about this step when it comes to work commitments. If you’re looking way ahead into the future and aspiring to do great things, then the best way to get there is to work back and look at what you need to do to get there. Taking tiny steps to a future reward will get you there if you stay committed.
How many times have you been focused on a task and then out of nowhere you’re doing something else and you’ve forgotten all about it? I bet many. If there’s something you’re doing that’s important toward an end goal, then stay as focused as possible and not let anything distract you. I can be very guilty of writing a blog post, an essay or creating media content and then end up scrolling Instagram for hours, and I’ve really regretted it when I’ve thought about what I could’ve got done in that time. So, staying focused and paying close attention will keep you in the right mind-set to be committed and want to succeed in what is it you’re focused on.
If you find it hard to stay committed or even focused on one task due to stress, then I have a post just for that linked here. Commitment is extremely important for success, so I hope these tips will help you as much as they’ll help me. I also find it very therapeutic to write down notes when trying to stay focused – I write steps, plans, lists and so much more to take it all off my mind. The Happy Notes pads are great for that, you can get yours here
What do you do to stayfocused and committed?
Thanks for reading,

Megan ?


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