Most of us struggle with getting up in the morning, especially if we have a long day ahead. I wish I still had the ability to jump straight out of bed and feel fresh and ready, but it just doesn’t happen that easy anymore. One thing I absolutely love to do in the morning is wake up my body, and to do so I stick to just a few products before I begin to get ready. I’ve been using them for a long time, and they do the perfect job every morning.

First things first, after snoozing my alarm countless times, I jump straight in the shower. It just helps to make you feel fresh, ready and much more awake within minutes. Whilst in the shower, I use the Rose Jam Shower Gel from Lush. I’ve stuck to this one shower gel for the mornings for a while now, as it smells so refreshing and gorgeous. All shower gels from lush foam up so well and break down any dirt to leave you feeling amazingly soft and revitalised. Every morning I like to scrub my face with a cleanser, my favourite is Let The Good Times Roll. It’s a gentle treat for your skin in the mornings, as its for your face and body, and it leaves you soft to the touch with a buttery popcorn fragrance. The formula is soft but scrubby, ordering amoxil which soothes your skin and leaves you with a natural glow.

If my skin is feeling like it needs some extra care, then I will always reach for the Mask of Magnamity facemask. I tend to only have time for this if I’m up earlier than expected, or at the weekends, but it’s the best way to make my face refreshed. That’s the shower done – onto quick skincare solutions!

Every morning after the shower I use the Eau Roma Toning Water to freshen my face, which makes me feel instantly awake. The formula contains lavender water, which has gentle and soothing properties for the skin. Simply close your eyes and spritz it directly onto the face, or onto cotton wool pads to wipe away any dirt. I seriously cannot start the day without this stuff; I take it anywhere I travel to as well! The last step in my skincare is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. If like me you love to wear lip products everyday then this is the perfect solution to smooth clean lips. This sugary pink polisher keeps your lips in amazing condition all day long and it tastes of candyfloss (almost good enough to eat sometimes).
Those are my top 5 products from Lush to help me feel fresh and ready in the morning. What are yours?

Megan ?



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