I was very kindly nominated by the lovely Emilie from Emilie Mary to answer the questions created by herself. This tag is an opportunity for bloggers with similar interests to share their interests and opinions within beauty and blogging. 

1.    What is/are your beauty pet-peeve/s?

Probably seeing extreme contour lines. Even on myself it makes me want to cry!
2.   What beauty brand best represents you?

I would have to say Urban Decay. Simply for the fact I have a large amount of their products, and are the brand I talk about the most.
3.   What is your beauty staple?
A gorgeous, golden/bronze eye look. Especially when paired with eyeliner and a nude or red lip.
4.   Most recent beauty product you’ve purchased?

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks in Dolce and Kathryn. Oh my god, they are beautiful!
5.    What inspired you to start a blog?
I’ve been reading blogs for way over 2 years, and in the end I thought to myself ‘I could definitely do this’. I really love to share my own content and opinions on my own platform.
6.   What do you love most about the beauty blogger community?
The friendships that can be made instantly! You can tell how friendly everyone is and it’s so easy to just go ahead and chat to them.
7.   Favourite beauty YouTubers or bloggers?
I have way too many to choose from. But, the ones I read most regularly are Laurzrah, Marianna Hewitt, Throughneweyesx, In The Frow and G Beauty.
8.   Overall, favourite beauty brand or store to shop at?
I absolutely love Debenham’s beauty range. I find that every brand I love is in there. It’s hard to find Too Faced and Makeup Forever in stores!
9.   A brand you wish would expand their range of shades or products?

I wish Nars would make more eye palettes, they few they have are so nice, I just buy isotretinoin cheap wish there were bigger ones with more shades!
10.    Your current go-to makeup look?
A warm golden eye, with winged liner and a nude lip. Very easy to create and find looks so well put together!

1. Where are you from?
 2. What made you start blogging?
 3. What is your one must-have beauty product?
 4. What product disappointed you the most?
 5. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
 6. If you could work with any brand, which one would it be?
 7. Is there a product you lusted over for so long and purchased, but actually never use?
 8. Which social media platform do you go to for inspiration?
 9. Lipstick or lip gloss?
 10. What is your favourite ever beauty trend?


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