Brows at the ready… the new Benefit Brow collection is on the way. It’s been in the making for 3 whole years, and it has certainly been worth the wait. The new collection will solve every brow dilemma you may have. Whether that be skimpy brows, patchy brows and even barely there brows, all of those problems will soon disappear. Let me tell you how easy it’s now going to be for you have fun whilst using foolproof products and becoming your own brow expert.

A few weeks back I was so kindly invited along to the Goodship Benefit on the River Thames, a beautifully design ship just for Benefit themselves to share their current products whilst also launching this incredible new range. Whilst being there I attended a talk by Benefit’s head makeup artist and brow expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon, who spoke through the whole range. As well as that I got to try all 9 new products and now get to share a few of them with you, so lets get to it!

The much-loved Gimme Brow has had a revamp into the beautiful new packaging and is now available in 3 shades. The micro-wand is designed to volumise and tame brows, as well as tinting them at the same time. The gel formula contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hairs, which creates natural looking fullness. It’s buildable, water resistant and super long wearing. What I love about this is that if you’re in a rush you can wear this by itself and your brows look incredible all day long.

Who knew conditioning your brows would ever become a thing? BrowVo! Conditioning Primer works from a soft-touch applicator to evenly coat brow hair and skin to make your brows instantly look fuller and healthier. As well as this you can use it as a
primer, order priligy like you would any other primer, and it helps to enhance colour and extend wear of the brow products. This product is a must if you’re looking to achieve fuller and thicker brows.

A product that deals with every brow dilemma has to be the all-new Goof Proof Brow Pencil – it’s pretty
obvious what it is from the name. It is now super quick and easy to fill and shape my brows. It’s pointed tip defines whilst the wide part helps to fill in the rest, it literally takes half the time it did to fix up my brows – bonus! The pencil provides 12-hour waterproof wear, mine lasted a little longer which I was over the moon about. It comes in 6 easy-to-choose from shades, so it caters for everyone. As well as the pencil it comes with a blending spoolie brush, which helps brush out unwanted products as well as blend and create naturally full brows. What more could you possibly want?

A product I was intrigued to use, and has quickly become the top of my must-haves is Ka-Brow!, the new cream-gel brow colour. With this product you can have anything from very natural brows to full on drama, and it comes with a built in small angled brush. For more sparse or patchy brows this product makes it very simple to get a fuller effect by applying tiny hair like strokes. Cream formulas can seem a little intimidating to use, but it goes on so well and looks extremely natural – for me, this one is a winner! It gives 24-hour waterproof wear and again, this is also available in the 6 new shades.

The new collection is launching nationwide from 24th June 2016 on

Which product will you want to try first?

Megan ?


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