I don’t know about you, but I’m one for not trying out new brands very often. I always stick to the same or ones I’m recommended by others, but never anything totally different. A few weeks back I was so kindly sent a Bloggers Beauty Box* from Ideal World TV, which was filled with products from a brand I never knew much about. And after trying the products, I am totally converted to trying new brands more often as I’m so happy with the results of the products.

Ideal World may be a company you have never heard of, or know little about so let me tell you a bit more. They are a shopping channel (Sky, Freeview & Virgin) and website, which showcase and sell many products including beauty, technology, DIY and fashion. They are known for selling products from top beauty brands, and a lot of those products are exclusive to their channel. I’ve got to try out some products from Elizabeth Grant, a Canadian skincare company who focus on producing some of the highest quality luxury products. Let me show you what I got!

I’m really into using facemasks recently, so the Wonder Effect Glycolic Mask was something I was really excited to try. Elizabeth Grant’s Wonder Effect range is formulated with Retinol, which helps exfoliate the skin as well as leaving the skin appear and feel smoother. It’s a white creamy facemask that you pop on and leave for just 5 minutes, and it helped to reduce the appearance of my pores and I noticed my skin appeared and felt smoother. As it’s a quick facemask it wasn’t anything to intense, and is really easy to use if you need a quick skin treat.

Next, we have products from their Collagen Re-Inforce range, that includes products that give an at home buy ventolin online australia intensive treatment that helps to firm and smooth the skin. I was so so happy when I opened the parcel to see a Tinted Moisturiser, I can never quite pick the right one, but that is exactly what I’ve been after. It’s very lightweight and you can feel that it’s quite natural and dewy. It seems to oxidise and match to your skin tone, which is perfect when you want a ‘no makeup-makeup look’.

Another product from the range was the Collagen Re-Inforce Body Cream (left), which I do feel is targeted at an older age range, however it worked so well to smooth out my legs. We can all be a bit conscious of our bodies, whether its our legs, arms, bum or tum, and you can apply this everywhere over clean skin to help plump and smooth out any dilemmas. A great product for these warmer months when you want to bare a little skin!

Their lip-gloss range is really beautiful, with some amazing summer shades. The Beautiful Colours Lip Gloss (right) in Sienna is a dark pink/mauve with a slight shimmer running through it. I’m not usually much of a lip-gloss wearer, as I’m a huge lover of matte lipsticks, however this is really beautiful applied over a pink lip liner. The formula is fairly lightweight, which helps it be a lot less tacky than others I’ve tried.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed all of the products and are ones I’ll be incorporating into my beauty routine and recommending to all of you guys. My favourites being the Tinted Moisturiser and Lip Gloss, as they are products I’m loving enough to take away on holiday with me!

These blogger beauty boxes aren’t available to buy, but all of the products (and many more) are listed on their site –

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