Since Kylie Jenner released her range of lip products, I’ve been completely obsessed with collecting every one that I fell in love with. Being quite expensive to ship, around £10 shipping and the same in customs, I thought it was best to order them in bulk and treat myself. Now I’ve collected the ones I’m totally in awe of, I thought why not share them with you all.

The Kylie Lip Kits first released as just matte lip products a few months ago, now the range includes glosses and metals to. It was only right to expand my collection once they were released to as I was totally blown away by the mattes.

All together there are 10 matte shades, of which I bought 7. For the price, they are a complete must-have as you also get a matching lip
liner with each shade. The glosses and metals are half the price, as they do not have a matching liner, however they can be paired with any nude liners that you wish. 

First things first, my favourite thing about the lip kits is the formulation. My lips tend to become very dry straight away applying a matte
liquid lipstick, but with these my lips stay super hydrated and never crease or crumble. With that, they are also very long lasting when applying the lip liner underneath. As expected, every shade is extremely opaque and you only need one coat for maximum effect – which is what we all need if we’re on the go right?

My favourite of the range being Candy K as it’s the perfect everyday or glam nude, and for some reason I find this wears best out of them all on my lips. I also absolutely adore the shades 22 and Mary Jo K, a true orange and a true red, as I’ve never found a liquid lipstick formula that works for me in these shades.

As for the glosses, the positives ordering amoxil online remain the same as I absolutely fell in love with the formulation. They aren’t too sticky and are creamy enough to stay on the lips are feel super comfortable. The downside with these at first was the brushes, which received many complaints for being made without much care. However, I was kindly sent a free batch of what I ordered with the newly designed brushes and I couldn’t be happier with the service.

I purchased the set of glosses so that I could try them and give them an honest review on the shade range, and also make my collection very aesthetically appealing! All 3 shades are very wearable for medium skin tones, however there is a very light nude and dark nude to match those with lighter and deeper skin tones than myself.

As for the metal lip kit, I went for the shade Heir, which is a very gorgeous golden peach metallic liquid lipstick. I’m extremely happy with the shade I chose, however I must say it does take quite a few layers to make it opaque. I paired this with the lip liners Candy K and also Koko K and they matched really well.

Overall, I am so happy with every kit that I bought and the shipping is extremely worth it once they arrive and are in your hands. I will leave below the retail price for each different product. If you want to see or purchase the kits, the website is linked here.

Top – Bottom: Koko K, Candy K, Exposed, Dolce K, 22, Mary Jo K, Kourt K

What shade would be your pick?

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