Having bloggers block can suck. This is just like writers block, where you’re stuck and screaming for ideas, inspiration and motivation. Not only do you find it hard to think of a subject, when one finally springs to mind, it becomes impossible to write anything down. Distractions are more of a problem and then you feel like giving up is the only option.

Many of us have been there – myself quite a few times – and it is hard to overcome. With this all sounding a little dramatic, it can be easy to get over bloggers block and continue doing what you do.

My first option is always to hunt for inspiration. Finding inspiration can be from anywhere – books,
magazines, other blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and so many other places. I find the best bet to be other blogs, magazines and Pinterest as they’re constantly being updated with the latest trends and ideas. From this I then make plans of new content I could write and products to photograph, or create new Pinterest boards and gather ideas.


Create a new space.
You don’t have to go all out, but changing up your photography set up can inspire you to try out more new things. I find just buying or changing up my props more doxycycline cheap price often make me more creative, such as flowers, trays, tools etc. Amazing inspiration for this can be on beautiful Instagram or Pinterest feeds. Searching for ideas on social feeds can bring up the most random and creative thoughts and plans.

One thing I have a habit of is to jot down anything and everything that comes to mind. I tend to do this on my phone, as it’s always at hand and I can instantly search for relatable things that might bring new ideas. However, when I have access to a cute notepad this always encourages me to write down a bit more.

A final factor that makes the world of difference is to simply read. Reading and absorbing everything around you can unintentionally generate thoughts. I read anything from underground ads to in-depth books on subjects that are unfamiliar to me, and this helps to create new thought processes. Even a silly little ad in a magazine might inspire you! Also, reading other peoples blogs can really motivate you to want to make more content. If you feel stuck in a rut and nothing helps to get you going, I find that reading other peoples work encourages you to want to make your own content.

What helps you overcome bloggers block?

Megan ?


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