Yes, you read the title right. Snail Gel in skincare products is the new craze. A little while ago I was reading a few articles regarding how and why Snail Gel can help your skin, and thanks to skinChemists
London, I got to try this out for myself.

I was sent two products from the Advanced Snail Range, the DUO Moisturiser* and Eye Serum*, two products I always keep in my morning and evening routine so it was perfect to test them out everyday for an honest review.

There is so much science that goes into these products and here is what I know and what I find interesting and different about this range. SkinChemists Advanced Snail Range was created for all ages to help keep skin smooth, hydrated and well protected. The formulation is made up of Snail Secretion, which of course sounds a bit scary to be putting on your face, however is it derived from the natural defensive liquid snails create. This liquid aims to delay premature aging, whilst also reducing skin blemishes and provides protection from free radical damage.

Both products have very similar formulas, which are both gel based and quite thick, however they absorb so quickly into the skin and lets you get on with the rest of your skincare right away. I was actually thrilled to feel that the DUO Moisturiser sinks in fast, so that it doesn’t slow me down from starting my makeup. It also is a great base for putting on makeup, as it smooth’s out imperfections and can be mixed into your primer if you wish.

There are 4 other ingredients that are involved, which are so beneficial to your skin.
Tiare Flower Extract is mixed buy amoxil 500mg with Coconut Oil
to rehydrate, repair and soothe the skin
Vitamin E Acetate aims to leave the skin moisturised, and at the same time creates a
barrier to protect your skin against environmental damage
Creatine is formulated to imitate the amino acids that are naturally found in your skin,
and this helps to revitalise cell energy metabolism

With the eye serum, it’s a very similar formula but is much more cooling. As the formula is quite thick, you really only need a tiny amount of product. A lot goes a long way with this range. The Snail Eye Serum works to lift, tighten and repair the delicate skin around your eye. With this serum there are 3 other ingredients that aim to achieve the best results for your eye area.
Osilift is a natural sugar from oat extracts that work to tighten your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Hyaluronic Acid aims to rejuvenate the skin to instantly peplum the eye area
·     Starflower Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and this effectively helps replenish the skins tissue to slow the natural aging process

I always thought I was a bit young to start using anti-aging products, but after using these I am glad I’ve started early. Even at a young age its often that you skin feels glum and in need of a pick me up, and these products help to plump, revitalise and retain and natural glow.

You can pick these up at skinChemists London online, and you can shop this range and more here. These products retail from £175.00, but right now there is a huge sale, so get yours whilst stocks last.

What do you think to using Snail Gel on your face?

Megan ??


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