Now that the summer is over and tans are fading, it’s the kind of time where you feel the need to bronze yourself up again. For some reason a tan just picks up your mood and it makes me feel a lot more confident, so I’m not allowing that feeling to disappear just yet! I’m all about a natural glow, one that makes your skin looking glowy and healthy, if you’re the same you will love this product.


Madame LALA is an exclusive cosmetics and self-tanning brand inspired by LA, sunny beaches, the Hollywood lifestyle and pretty much everything glowing. The new Madame LALA Light is a product that provides anyone with an instant glow that develops into a sun kissed tan in 3 hours. The purpose of the ‘light’ formula means that you will get an even and natural glow, which is great for all year round.
Just like all the other Madame LALA tanning products, this is infused with Coco Water and Aloe to sooth your skin and also make you smell of beautiful buy ventolin albuterol salbutamol online coconuts – just like a real tan huh?! This is also the first beauty brand to launch a DD Self Tan to recognise how Coconut Water in skincare
is hugely beneficial to individuals. The formula combines unique and organic ingredients that target needs such as tanning, slimming and the body.


The formula is a super lightweight mousse, which is slightly tinted so makes it very easy to see where you’ve been. There’s also no reason to worry about streaking or going too dark, as Madame LALA products with colour customising technology that ensures your tan to be natural and adapts to your individual skin tone.


My skin after one application, also applied to my face
This is one of those products for tanning pro’s as well as first timers, as literally nothing goes wrong when tanning with this product. Want to shop the range? Click here. Also, the range has recently been released in Urban Outfitters with a soon to come cosmetics line!
What tanning products do you love?
Megan ??


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