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If you’re a lover of all things sweet, then this range by Sugar Baby will tickle your fancy. With a super range of tropical scented skincare treatments comes super soft skin, nails and hair. There’s something for everyone here, from oils and creams to shower scrubs and tanning products. This Australian owned brand has a mission to help customers look and feel their best with quick-fix solutions. Want to know how they made me feel? Lets go.

Spoil Yourself Hydrating Coconut Oil / Body Oil

Never before have I used a body oil, but never again will I go back. Spoil yourself with this Organic Hydrating Coconut Oil body treatment for hair, body and nails. This is the perfect pick me up for dry and damaged skin and nails. I didn’t use this on my hair, just because I prefer non-oil based treatments, but for your body and nails, its incredible. Firstly, this smells like heaven. It has a sweet coconut scent, almost like a coconut donut, and you smell great for hours after. You simply pop this onto your skin, nails or hair and rub it in circular motions and rinse with warm water.

The formula is quite a thick oil, but this makes it that bit more hydrating as it sinks so well into your skin and leave a layers of moisture to make your dry skin feel silky smooth again. As it is thick I expected it to leave an oily residue layer, but it doesn’t, it rinses away easily to leave the area you treated very hydrated.

Hair Affair Hydrating Coconut / Hair Treatment

Hair treatments are a complete new discovery for me. Although I love my hair care, I don’t often use any intense treatments aside cheap ventolin pills online from some conditioner after shampooing and then some after hair care. As I suffer with a dry scalp, I am quite sceptical to try new products in case it makes it worse. However, I was so over the moon so find out it actually made this problem better.

It left my hair feeling silky smooth as well as having a soothing effect on my scalp. You can either use this as a normal conditioning treatment (leave on for a few minutes and rinse off), or as a more intense treatment that you can leave on for up to 10 minutes. If like me your hair is quite coarse and thick, then the intense treatment gives much better results. You simply pop it onto washed damp hair, from scalp to ends and rinse off after your desired time. So simple and effective!

Slim-Ulate Coconut & Coffee / Stimulating Body Scrub

Coffee Scrub

A fan of coffee and all things sweet? Then this scrub will please you. Before entering the shower you simply scrub the product onto your entire body, or areas you wish to treat, and rinse off under warm running water. This is best for any skin type, and if you are one to suffer with dry patches then you will really benefit from this.

The scrub is very fine which makes it very easy and clean to apply. I was a little afraid of this going everywhere but it doesn’t. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished. Caffeine applied topically to skin stimulates blood-flow and circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. It’s like a slice of tropical paradise anytime of the year!

Want to try the products for yourself? Shop the range at Superdrug, here.

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