Does the sound of a multitasking skin product sound like bliss? And, something that can perform two steps at once? That’s a huge yes, right? Any product that gives incredible results and does the job quicker is a winner for me. With Heaven Skincare being a skincare brand I absolutely adore,
I had very high expectations for this product – and very rightly so.

The Willow Bee Mask & Cleanse is multi-tasking in a sense that it performs two skin steps at once, as well as removing impurities, evening out skin tone, cleanse and firm, smooth fine lines and reduce redness. Personally, I don’t suffer with all of those skin problems but it just demonstrates how many people this product applies to.

Now, onto the good stuff… what can it do for your skin and how exactly is it multitasking? From the title it’s apparent that the skin product can both act as a quick cleanser or a facemask, either or it does a really good job. To use as a cleanser, you simply pop it onto clean skin AM and PM, give it a quick massage and rinse off. As the formula is so lightweight, you can just rub it off with your fingertips and it will wash all excess away.

Alternatively, you can use this as a facemask, which is also a very simple process and quick to do! I prefer to use the product as a facemask, buy isotretinoin 20mg purely so that I get all the benefits of the amazing oils and vitamins used in the product. This includes organic rose and lavender oil, Shea butter and carrot oil, all with added benefits of vitamins A and E. Also, if you’re a fan of soft and natural floral notes then you will adore this product, as it is exactly that.

As the formula is so lightweight, you can use this product up to 4 times a week as a facemask, or everyday if used as a cleanser. Its super soft and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, clear and has really helped to even out my skin tone in areas that I really needed it. I tried this out a few times with my mum also, to see the benefits of older skin and she loves it so much she is now begging me to have it. The fines lines appear smoother and has helped reduced redness in her cheeks. Two reviews in one here guys!

A bonus is that the packaging is extremely sleek and easy to travel with, as it works as a 2-in-1 it’s perfect for trips away! Check out this product along with the rest of the Heaven Skincare range here. RRP £55.00 for 50ml.

What are your thoughts on multitasking products?

Megan ??


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