So… some very exciting news. Today is the day that Life With MCM turns 1! It honestly feels like I’ve been doing this for about 4-5 months, time just goes too quick, but the whole journey has been so fun. I remember being so nervous to even create the whole design and theme, let alone posting onto a platform so enormous that anyone in the world could see it. Now that thought never enters my head, it’s all just so exciting.

I’m not usually one to write personal posts, although writing this is actually very therapeutic so I might do this more often and I love reading posts like this. Anyway, I want to share with you what I’ve learned from my first year of blogging, how it’s affected me personally (in very good ways) and things that I’ve learned/come across along the way.

Don’t be shy
As I’ve already mentioned, I was extremely hesitant on starting my blog from the moment I opened Blogger and created an account. But after publishing my first post and sharing it via Twitter, I instantly realised there’s nothing to be scared of.  Blogging has opened so many opportunities and has showered me with meeting and connecting with so many lovely people. It can be an intimidating feeling trying to talk to new people, even over the Internet, or trying to get your post out there, but everyone is so lovely and supportive that it’s right to put yourself out there. Don’t be shy, and just remember everyone has been in this same situation.

I remember attending my first ever Blogger’s event and I went on my own. The scariest thing I’ve had to do in a long time. Everyone appeared to be in big groups so I instantly thought “oh no, what am I going to do? Do I just stand here or try and talk to someone? What if nobody wants to talk to me”. But as soon as I approached someone, they wanted to talk to me straight away. Everyone at these events have so much in common so the conversation always flows. Just do it – that’s the best way to get over your fears.

Social media is key
Nowadays, talking to people in person is just as important as making order accutane no prescription friends online. Being active in the community is the best thing you can do. Reply to tweets, like people’s content, and they will do the same back.

Social media is also vital in that you should be active and post your blog content more often than you think. In the past few months I’ve been posting more on social media than at the beginning of the year, and I’ve noticed an incredible difference. Not only have my views increased, I’ve been getting more interaction from bloggers and the public – such as comments and questions on the post that I’ve shared. Again, this is a great way to make connections with both brands and bloggers. Don’t break a sweat trying to post all the time, but being active makes you become more noticed and involved in the community.

Be yourself
This sounds too simple for an explanation, but I found this out a few weeks after I started my blog. I came across a blogger that I’d spoke to online and although she had an enormous following, she was so lovely and down to earth, just like she was online. That instantly gave me the idea that I would never try and be someone I’m not just to impress and audience. For instance, writing a post that is a forced tone or something you’re not interested in becomes apparent straight away. Be who you want. In this community there are very few who would judge you, if any, so express yourself as it’s your own space and place on the web.

I’ve honestly never been so happy since I started blogging, I thought it would be a hobby of mine but it’s turned into a real passion that I want to continue for as long as I can imagine. I’ve met and spoke to so many amazing people, worked with some amazing brands and just enjoyed the entire experience. So, let the future begin!

A few tips that I would give to everyone:
Talk to people, get connections
Creating unique content really notices in the community, people love posts that aren’t so common
Be friendly
If you ever want help or advice, ask people questions
If you love blogging, keep at it and don’t give up!

What were your first thoughts when you started your blog?

Megan ??


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