Ever dream about having baby smooth even and clear skin? Me to. Maintaining your skincare can be a pain when you have a million and one products to go through step-by-step every day and night. But now, I have just a few I can really rely on to help me keep my skin in good condition, and one of those is Kathleen UK’s Amazing White Illuminating Serum*, let me tell you why.

Kathleen UK are passionate about providing prestigious skincare for all that is infused with pure, natural and organic ingredients to provide you with everything your skin needs. They created their range in Royal Leamington Spa by blending a gorgeous array of precious plants, marine extracts and essentials oils, all natural things your skin will love you for. Serums are products I don’t usually get on with but the Amazing White Serum has completely changed the game.


Now the summer is over there is no more chance of getting a little glow so what is more perfect than getting the same from one product? What’s amazing about this serum is that it works so well before applying makeup. I find with other serums and oil based products that they are best to pop on before bed after being makeup free, but with this you can wear it all day to keep buy isotretinoin uk your skin super hydrated underneath your makeup. This also works well at keeping your makeup in place, similar to lightweight smoothing primers.

Since incorporating this into my skincare routine I’ve found I can use less products as it acts as a 3 in one. It brightens, smooth’s and evens out my skin tone all at once, which is what I aimed for in the past but by using 3/4 to products. Being able to use just one product to achieve all of this is making my life so much easier.


The formula is a quite thick which means you only a tiny amount, but this doesn’t mean it makes it sticky or oily. Once applied it sinks in and smooth’s the skin within seconds, giving you even clear skin. I have oily/combination skin and this works really well at maintaining oil levels rather than make my skin oilier, so don’t be intimated and assume it’ll be greasy as it’s the complete opposite.

I’m so impressed by this serum and am so happy that I have less products to use for an even better outcome than before. Kathleen UK have an amazing range of natural skincare products for all skin types, and if you’d like to check out more then click here.

Megan ??



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