Fragrance has always been a very unique and individual thing for women, as it’s true we all love particular scents. However, there are always fragrances that most women agree on liking and would wear, most commonly as an everyday scent. This one by Monsoon is exactly that, it’s one that most women would love.

Monsoon Rose Gold Fragrance* is elegant, feminine and sensual both in design and smell. They worked with renowned perfumer Christian Provenzano to create this sophisticated signature fragrance, and the product as a whole is utter perfection. I am a huge rose gold lover, anything with this theme I just adore and crave right away. The rose gold bottle itself is just so dreamy, so Pinterest worthy, so me. This is one of those designs that screams simplicity and elegance in one. I just love it!

The fragrance is full of juicy purchase accutane isotretinoin notes of citrus, floral notes and decadent wood for a very classy and beautiful aroma. Right away you can smell a mix of sweet lemon and velvety rose, its musky but sweet all at the same time. As well as citrus and floral, the perfume is rich with vanilla, musk and amber notes that give the scent a signature twist and uniqueness. I find the scent so wearable and it lasts throughout the whole day without wearing off.

It’s something every woman can wear, on a daily basis or of an evening out. Also, to suit it best to you the fragrance is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml (this bottle is 30ml).

Want to try this beautiful fragrance out for yourself? It is available for purchase on Monsoon or online/in-store at Boots, it is also available in a gift set.

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