If you’re a lover of scented goodies that make your room smell absolutely divine then you’ll love this. Throughout the whole of summer my room has smelt of nothing but the sweet summer of Miami, and I don’t know about you, but I will really miss the summer. The Ted Baker Reed Diffusers are very new to me, as they might be to a lot of you, and I was really missing out. The range covers everyone’s needs and also every season, whether you’re looking for an autumnal or neutral scent, then these have you covered.

There is a whole variety of different scents from around the world, including London, New York, Athens, Sydney and Tokyo. You can literally transport yourself to the any continent with just a sniff of a scent (maybe not quite but it’s pretty close!). The Miami Scented Reed Diffuser* is a luscious dapoxetine cocktail of star apple and passion fruit, which releases a warm ambiance and brings the beautiful Miami skyline to your home.

Not only does it bring about a gorgeous smell that fills the whole space, the design of the diffuser is so simplistic and appealing. With it’s matte finish textured bottle, each different scent has a selected colour, with Miami being red. So if you wish to match the design of your bottle to a room of your choice, they’ll be a colour to match your scheme. They look beautiful on dressing tables, kitchen sides, on cupboards, shelves, they just look good anywhere.

I’ve had this going all summer, and by just turning round the wooden sticks everyday couple of weeks, it’s lasting forever! They’re so worth the money and are going to make amazing gifts.

Want to try one for yourself and transport yourself to a different place? Check the range here, starting from £28.

Megan ??


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