I’m here today talking about a product I’m pretty sure all of you beauty junkies will love. It’s something so handy I can’t believe it’s never been made before, and quite simply I now don’t think I could survive without it. It’s Shadow Switch*. You might be wondering what exactly this product can do for it to be so brilliant, and its quite simple.


It is essentially a dry makeup brush remover, which can help you clean your brush and use again right away without having to wait hours for it to dry. So say you have a preferred shadow brush, and with that brush you like to use so many different colours, from brights to dark and neutrals, then you can now do so. I tested this with a black shadow and after a quick swish around in the sponge there wasn’t any colour transferring from the brush to my hand, and then I was ready to use a lighter doxycycline cheapest shade. It just makes life so much easier.

This product was founded and created by Beauty Essentials, a brand that makes high quality beauty necessities for all. They are currently stocked on Amazon with 18 beauty essentials, which are soon to be released on Sephora.


One thing I would say, and for me is a massive plus, the packaging is a small compact tin that is so travel friendly. You can pop it in your handbag and take it anywhere with you. A life saver if you’re travelling somewhere and don’t want to take loads of brushes.

I will most certainly be replacing my sponge every 2 months as recommended, as it’s such a bargain for £5.99. To clean during that time, you run it under warm water and clean with soap. Simple!

If you’d like to try one for yourself, check out their Amazon shop here.

Megan ??



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