No matter your hair type, length and so on I bet you’ve at some point in your life you’vehad a struggle with some knots. You know those ones that just won’t budge and hurt to the high heavens, especially during and after washing your hair. My Tangle Teezer for dry hair has long been my favourite hairbrush, especially as my hair is naturally curly so knots are one of my problems, and washing my hair had always been quite a chore. But now it’s no longer a problem.

The new Aqua Splash range from Tangle Teezer* has really made my life that bit easier. This brush has been designed for in shower use only, which is great for easily detangling hair and distributing washing products through the hair. I find this perfect for getting the shampoo right into the roots before massaging it in, and it’s also heaven being able to get out of the shower and not having knots to deal with.


Its upright design and two tiered teeth priligy generic system makes it very easy and quick to use in the shower. The brush has a hollow middle, which I actually stick my hand through when using it instead of holding either side as again it makes the whole detangling process very simple. Or you can hold either side, both give a firm grip for free-flowing unknotting.


This is definitely just for use in the shower, as the teeth are smaller than the dry brush so that it works best with wet hair when it becomes flatter.

These Aqua Splash brushes come in three colours and are also suitable for all hair types and textures. I’m all about products that everyone can use! This would make a great Christmas gift for both men and women, as lets face it, we all struggle with knots. Another plus, it’s quite compact and is perfect to travel with.

These retail for only £11 in Boots and online, just click here to shop the range. What are your thoughts on this in shower hairbrush?

Megan ??



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