With the New Year approaching I bet most of you are feeling like me… wanting to eat the chocolate but also wanting to put it down and begin eating healthy. Well, with this ‘Rose All Day’ Gift Set by Nails Inc*, you can kick start that healthy lifestyle early by just painting your nails. May sound a little odd, right? Let me tell you more.

These varnishes by Nails Inc are enriched with a blend of powerful super foods, which will kick start any that much needed detox. 2016 saw a new wave of a matcha craze that is essentially a finely ground powder of green tea, both seen in tea and coffee nowadays… people are becoming quite obsessed. Its health benefits are endless, including boosting your metabolism, calms and relaxes the mind and body as well as enhancing your mood and giving you all the vitamins you need. Sounds a bit crazy for a nail varnish, but if it helps the body I’m sure it’ll help your nails. For the colour varnishes I love how thick they are, they almost seem like gels as I find you only need one to two coats and they never chip.

As for the base coat varnish, doxycycline 100mg this is powered with kale, which I’m sure most of you know about… one of the biggest leafy greens seen in all those Insta-worthy salads and smoothies. I use this even without adding a colour as it’s helped my nails get their strength back. When using with a colour, it helps them last so much longer. Pretty much a match made in heaven.

The top coat is powered by another superfood, caviar. Better known as Kensington Caviar for its 45-second touch dry technology, you’ll have no problems with waiting for them to dry. After applying this, you’re usually good to go after a minute or two to ensure they are fully dry and non-sticky. This topcoat is brilliant for that salon shine that many of us love to.

And now for my favourite part of the set, the rose gold tin water bottle – can you get any more blogger if you tried? I think not. Since this set arrived I’ve used this pretty much everyday, because why wouldn’t you want to feel fab whilst having a sip of water!

You can pick up this set in-store at Debenhams, and there’s even some money off with the sales! To shop online, click here.

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