Skincare is something I want to keep up with this year. When you feel tired and stressed, don’t forget your skin does to. Your skin should always get some loving and there’s no better way to treat your skin than with a facemask. For the past few weeks my skin seems to be more stressed than I am and the same few masks always give my skin a good de-stress.


Don’t you love a good quick fix? And with a product that actually does as it says! For a good while now these two have been my favourite quick fix facemasks, purely because they can make you feel human again within 5-10 minutes. The Origins GinZing range is one of my favourites, and the Refreshing Face Mask is one I reach for the most out of any. When my skin is tired a good old cooling does the job. It wakes up your face and helps diminish fatigue and stress – I love this for in the bath! For a deeper and more intense mask we have the Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask by Rodial (don’t you just love the name!). This triple action clay mask resurfaces the skins soft texture and fights off blemishes and dullness within 10 minutes. Once you’ve done this you’re good to go. These are good to use once or a few times a week, if your skin needs it.


I love Lush products, and yes I am that girl. I don’t know what it is, but everything hasn’t let me down. These two facemasks I’ve picked are my favourites from their collection. The first, Love Lettuce, is an all rounder mask. It exfoliates, polishes and gives the skin more radiance – it’s a real ventolin buy pick me up. Also, unlike other Lush masks I really love the smell of this one, its sweet lavender. Next is the oh so famous Mask of Magnamity, which is great for everyone. This mask works to fight everything – tiredness, blemishes, spots and dullness to bring back the skins natural radiance. These two are a 10-15 minute mask, and are perfect for pamper nights, with a bath bomb of course.


As sheet masks are the new ‘in thing’, I had to include my favourite. This Rejuvenating Collagen Mask by Beauty Pro is infused with all sorts of goodness and Green Tea, which helps to target problematic skin, oily and dry areas and results in smoother, more youthful skin. It just takes 15 minutes and what I love most is that afterwards you don’t need to rinse, the excess serum can be massaged into the face and neck for extra treatment.


When your skin is in serious need of a pick me up then the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask is your guy. This intense moisture replacement mask with Avocado oil is what your skin needs to instantly quench and bring back the moisture. Simply pop it on before bed and tissue off the excess in the morning.


I’ve spoken about this product many times before and I just had to include it in this post. The Heaven Skincare WillowBee Mask & Cleanse is a 2-in-1 can be used for a quick cleanse and rinsed with warm water, or used as a 10-15 minute mask. Whichever way you decide to use it, the formula removes impurities, firms, relaxes and hydrates the skin for a true glow.

What skin treats do you recommend?

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