Two weeks into January and I’m feeling enthusiastic rather than glum, I guess the January blues haven’t made an appearance this year. Looking forward into 2017 gives me that ‘do-a-little-dance’ excitement. I always look forward to every upcoming year but 2017 just feels right.


Although I may be snowed under with a lot of other work this year, I am so ready to be blog focused this year – it means extra hard work but I’m prepared for it! Any free time I have at the moment I’ve been really enjoying taking photos, improving my skills and writing a lot so I hope this will shine through onto my blog and social platforms. Blogging encourages me to be that bit more creative and gives me a creative outlet that I can focus on when I want to. I love the freedom blogging can offer you.


I want to be more of a ‘Yes Man’ this year. In the past I’ve turned down or given too much thought into opportunities that in fact are quite fabulous. I want life to be a little more adventurous and I think it can be just that by taking on the small opportunities we’re given in life. Social anxieties are so common nowadays and it puts a lot of pressure onto saying yes to things as your head becomes overwhelmed with endless negative thoughts. I’m not letting myself let go of things that could really make a difference this year *throws in a little ‘yolo’ attitude*.


It’s coming to the end of an era, this Summer I finish University (although it feels like I started 5 minutes ago), quite sad BUT super buy amoxil online canada exciting as its the beginning of something new for 2017. I don’t know yet what is to come when I’ve waved goodbye to Uni but I do know I want to indulge into my creativity and do a little something for myself.


Last year I went on several trips, ones that opened my eyes to wanting to adventure out more. Last year was even my first long-haul trip where I holidayed in Mauritius – yes, it was the time of my life! This year I have two trips lined up including New York and Hamburg, and my mind is to open to wanting to venture out and explore a lot more. I have this Summer to be free after University is over, so who knows what could happen?


I’m definitely one of those people who puts others needs before my own quite often, not that it’s a bad thing but it means ‘me time’ just doesn’t happen. You know those times when you take on something that you know will make you stressed as you just don’t have time or the energy for it, those are the kind of situations I’m not putting myself in this year. This year I want to do more things for me. Even the small things in life like taking an evening off to have a little pamper, or going somewhere alone as nobody else wants to come. Doing things for you is really important.

Who knows what else 2017 may bring? This year I’m opening myself to more unexpected opportunities and adventures, because that’s where all the fun comes from.

What are you excited for this year?

Megan ??



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