Although the festive season is well and truly over, I am still really into wearing glitter. I even sometimes wear it with minimal makeup as it just adds a twist to your look. Before trying a glue I could never quite get to the coverage or placing right, and thankfully I’ve found a couple that make the job effortlessly simple.

An all time favourite of many beauty gurus is the Too Faced Glitter Glue. This glue works instantly and you can stick your glitter anywhere you want right away. Its texture is quite thick, almost like a liquid form of PVA glue as it’s super sticky and concentrated but it does wonders. I use this more for times I’m adding glitter all over my lid, or for ‘fancier’/ extra glam times if I’m adding it to my cheekbones and anywhere else for makeup looks. It applies really easily and to ensure the glitter doesn’t crease or move I apply it densely with my finger. Luckily, I managed to pick this up for a fraction of the price at TK Maxx so I’d look in your buy amoxil amoxicillin local one to see if they stock it.

More often than not, I usually wear glitter in the corners of my eye on or my winged liner. For this I use Ash Cosmetics Glitter Glue, a transparent more fluid formula. This is super easy to apply as you can either apply it straight from the brush or adding it to a separate brush of choice. This is also super affordable and if you’re new to glitter you can buy this glue in a set with a glitter colour of choice.

I find the Ash Cosmetics formula a little easier to work with, only because it’s thinner in texture. They both have the same drying time, and it is best to work quick with them so your glitter can set into place properly and ensure it’s stuck. A few of my favourite glitters are the NYX Glitter Brilliants Loose Glitters, MAC’s glitter in Reigning Riches, Too Faced Glitter in Glitterally from the Nikkie Tutorials collaboration, Ash Cosmetics 3D Dazzle Dust and OCC Glitter in Pink.

Have you tried any different glitter glues?

Megan ??



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