What with it being the start of a new year, I thought to myself what better way than to kick it off with some gorgeous liquid lipsticks? Stila Cosmetics seriously won me over with these; with so many colour variations these really are a must-have beauty buy.

I very luckily one these in a Twitter giveaway, and my goodness was I excited. I’d had my eye on them on the Asos Christmas beauty gifts section for a very long time, so I may have let out a little scream when I knew they were going to be mine!

Go bright and bold with the berry beautiful Bright & Bold Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set. You get three gorgeous shades in one, including two limited edition shades. First we have Beso, a true red with warmer undertones than most bright red lipsticks. It’s quite a fiery red that suits so many skin tones, and also makes me feel super confident. The limited edition shades are Viola and Lume, which are two daring but oh so perfect shades. The first is a cool lavender shade and the last being a deep fuschia pink, two colours I don’t usually feel comfortable in but I adored them as soon as I put them on my lips. Let 2017 be the year I wear more bright and bold lips, because these are really quite stunning.

Bottom-Top: Beso, Viola and Lume

Light up your lips with Naturally Nude hues with this second set. No girl can have too many nude lipsticks, and all of these are actually cheap accutane pills very different to one another, so why the heck not treat yourself? The first shade is by far my favourite; it is Patina, a dusty rose nude that pairs so beautifully with a gold eye. Ugh, it’s perfection. Next is a limited shade, Perla, a light dusty pink. Although its quite pale for my skin tone, it works so well as a shade on top of another lipstick for an ombre effect. Last but by no means least we have Serenata, another limited edition shade and it’s a gorgeous cognac rose, which is almost a pink/brown. I absolutely love this for the days I’m wearing minimal makeup as it works so well as a statement lipstick.

Bottom-Top: Patina, Perla, Serenata

Now, for the formula… it’s super lightweight (but full-coverage) like a feather on the lips. Although they dry matte they stay soft and don’t crease or crack on the lips like some liquid lipsticks tend to do. It lasts a good 6 hours on me, with eating and drinking. They also don’t dry out your lips so it’s easy to top up without feeling like you need some balm.

The sets come with smaller liquid lipsticks than when you purchase them separately, but it’s a deluxe size with so much product in. I also adore the packaging, isn’t is so chic?

As the Christmas festivities are now over, they are no longer online on Asos, but you can still get them on the Stila site.

I’ve not tried much else from Stila, so what would you recommend for me to try?

Megan ??



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