With these colder months upon us, dry skin can become a huge pain. Of course, we can look after these problem areas with after shower skincare such as moisturisers, creams and lotions, but don’t forget in shower treatments will improve your skins moisture even more.

Dove’s nourishing care & oil range* has thankfully solved my problems, and let me tell you why. Never before have I thought about nourishing shower products and how they can improve my skins moisture levels. I never really realised there was such a thing, but since using these I can tell a huge difference. I still love my old favourites, like Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel and many from Original Source, but the Dove oil range is my rescue.

My personal favourite has to be the Nourishing Care In Shower Argan Oil. The product contains 55% Moroccan Argan Oil that works to nourishes and soothe your skin. You only need a small amount of this product for your entire body as otherwise you could become a bit of an oily mess. But just a small buy amoxil 500 handful does the job and surprisingly, I didn’t come out of the shower the littlest bit oily. I feel this does a better job at protecting my skin to ensure the dryness doesn’t come back in a short amount of time. For a quick fix the Nourishing Care & Oil Body Wash is the answer. Its lightweight creamy formula is the must-have for some skin indulgence.

I’m much more of a shower gel/cream kinda girl, but I gave the Exfoliating Argan Oil soap ago and actually really loved it. This product contains teeny tiny exfoliants that diminish dull looking skin to leave you with super soft baby skin that you will be in awe of.

The whole range smells so much better than I’d expected to, as it’s got a sweetness to it that I really really adore. There’s nothing better than a shower product that can leave you with well-nourished skin as well as smell incredible, is there?

You can shop the range in-store and online at Boots and Superdrug.

Do you have any in-shower or bath products you love right now?

Megan ??



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