January is here and in full swing, new things are happening but that festive slump is taking its toll. Now that the Christmas cheer has vanished, the weather is miserable and payday is quite a way away, there isn’t much to look forward to. However, don’t let that stop you do you. January is the most demotivating month and we all know it, but let’s kick its butt.

Get Active

Going for a walk, hitting the gym or simply doing some at home exercises seems like more often than it really is. I’m so glad I didn’t slack at the gym over Christmas, of course I had time off but I went straight back and its kept me feeling positive. Exercising can be as simple as taking a stroll around anywhere, which I now do quite often. It gets you off of the sofa and technology and brightens your mood instantly.

Read A Book

Having ‘you’ time is essential to help you feel motivated. When you’re in your own space its easier to think straight and clear your mind. During ‘me’ time I tend to read books as it gets my inspirational and thoughts flowing and helps me think about what I wish to achieve. I’ve been loving beauty and lifestyle inspiration books at the minute, and I’ve got a post up about the top Books To Read In 2017.

Book Yourself A Treat

Talking of ‘me’ time, booking yourself or for you and a friend to do something fun can really lift your mood. A spa treatment, cinema trip, dinner or even… a trip! Once Christmas is over and there’s not much to look forward to I think this is the best option. For my 21st I booked New York just before Christmas and we’re going next month, so my excitement and motivation levels are so high. Having a little fun hurts nobody.

Smile More

Sounds plain simple and obvious, but it helps more than you might think. Smiling to yourself just instantly lifts your mood and makes you question why you don’t do it more. Give it a try and see how it makes you feel!

Plan And Pin

Pinterest is up there with one of my favourite things to do when I’m searching for motivation to get me out of a slump. Finding dream holidays, makeup, books and interiors helps get my creative juices flowing. This then follows on to planning, whether that’s trips, for the week ahead or some goals you wish to achieve, I find this social platform the most helpful for getting you in the right mind-set to get stuff done.

Do you try any of these to get you out of the ‘Winter slump’?

Megan ??



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