I don’t know about you, but I’m quite the sucker for pretty makeup brushes, especially those that are a bit more budget friendly. Not only that, these brushes are also 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly to. The Body Shop released this new set of brushes late last year, and as you’d expect they are amazing.

The range boasts 9 newly designed brushes* that are environmentally friendly. All of the brushes are made with synthetic hairs, which I prefer brushes to have, and their wooden handles are sustainably sourced as well as super cute.

As expected there is a brush for everything, from contouring your way to the high heavens or seamlessly blending your smoky eye. The synthetic bristles are super soft but quite densely packed, which is a must if you want to be able to pack on and blend product well. In my collection I have the Flat Shader Brush (top), a must-have for all those eyeshadow junkies. This is designed to pack on and distribute shadow from mattes to shimmers. For the crease I have the Eyeshadow Crease Brush, a brush I love to deepen transition shadows. This buy doxycycline online brush is built to smudge out matte shadows, and this is great for the crease and outer v. I love to use this palette with their ‘A True Romance’ Palette for a purple smoky eye.

For the face we have the Contouring Brush (top), which I use to apply the product rather than blend it out due to its short and dense bristles. I prefer a softer contour so I apply with this and blend out with a Beauty Blender. This is really great for contouring the nose to because of its super flat slanted shape. A real face finisher is the Slanted Blusher Brush, I actually use this as a multi-tasking brush. Of course, I use it to apply blusher, but I also use it for highlighter and bronzer to. The soft bristles apply product so soft and seamlessly it’s a great one to take away with you, or purchase if you want one brush that does all.

These makeup brushes are all designed with the latest beauty trends and expertise in mind and they are completely affordable.

Have you tried any brushes from The Body Shop?

Megan ??



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