With skincare being a crucial part of the beauty routine, there are a few products people tend to leave out for being too much effort or simply being a bit worried what they might do. Every skin type needs hydration, and sometimes a bigger boost of it every now and again, which is why I’m talking to you about my facial oil picks.

Those with oily skin, like myself, tend to believe they can’t use facial oils but that is quite wrong. These oils don’t make your more oily, they aid hydration to get the ‘your skin but better’ look and feel.


My favourite types of oil are those that don’t leave a lot of excess once it’s sunk in, and gives you a beautiful lit-from-within glow. I have two picks for this, the first being The Body Shop’s Oil of Life. I only have a mini size of this but it seems to be lasting me a lifetime. This is beautiful to mix in with a moisturiser or on its own, it really brightens your complexion and leaves you with a natural glow. Its quite an intense treatment so I tend to use this on makeup free days or in the evening. I also love this whilst travelling, as it’s a quick fix. For a lighter formula we have the Clarifying Oil Serum from Heaven Skincare. This is just as hydrating but more for the daytime. I love this but The Body Shop Oil is that little bit more bursting with hydration. The Heaven Skincare Oil is best for a lighter hydration boost.


I’ve finally discovered an oil I can use before makeup. I always thought it would make me greasy but it doesn’t, but you must use a small amount. Some like to mix oils in with their foundations but I find this one best to use during doxycycline order your skincare routine. It’s the Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Oil*, and of course I don’t need age defence products yet, but it will help me out in years to come. I use and love this purely for the fact it gives such a gorgeous glow and my skin feels so well nourished once I’ve applied this. During this month they have a Valentines deal on, and the product is just £29.99 instead of £99 (I love a good bit of luxury for less). I also have a discount code for you to get a further 20% off, just use MEGANBLOG at checkout, and thank me later!


Next we have Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. This isn’t an oil but it is, let me explain. This product is Kiehl’s first serum that is also a solution for dark spots, as the name says. However, the ‘serum’ formula is more of an oil, just because it’s a little thicker than most serums. I tend to suffer with dark blemishes or marks, not necessarily spots and this stuff works wonders. You can use this oil daily, even before makeup as it’s so lightweight. Its also silicone-free and paraben-free free, which works with any skin type.


I love an overnight treatment, especially at the weekends and my favourite pick is the Simply Argan Night Oil. It’s a heavier formula than the rest, but of course that will be the case as it’s made to wear overnight. This smells so beautiful and its scent is so calming whilst you sleep. This oil works to rejuvenate and replenish your skin whilst you have a restful sleep, and I always wake up the next morning feeling new again. I would only recommend using this once or twice a week.

Do you use facial oils?

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