Over the past few months I’ve collected a fair few new fragrances, and there have been certain ones that have stood out to me. I don’t have a ‘signature’ fragrance as such, as there are many smells I like, either fruity and feminine or a bit muskier and sophisticated. So I’ve got a whole bunch here that I know cater for many preferences.

Lets start with the newest of my collection, one which I was so kindly gifted for Christmas and I’ve wanted to own for ages, Si by Giorgio Armani. This was a scent that was always given as testers in magazines and I always lusted after it, now its mine at last! It’s a rich fruity smell, very sophisticated and feminine. The flavours include bergamot, mandarin oil and liquer de cassis, which is a beautiful blend of fruity flavours. Although it’s quite fruity, there are slight musky undertones in there with amber and vanilla, and it makes it in between the two scents I favour. I adore this for day and night, and it wears so well.

The sweetest smell of them all is my new favourite, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming by Dior. This fragrance is bursting buy cheap amoxil 500mg with sweet floral flavours such as tangy Red Berries and Peonies, my absolute heaven. It’s a positive and joyful mixture of ingredients, and it perfect for daytime wear. The bottle itself is just so stunning to look at with intricate detailing on the branded lettering and bow lid. I have an entire post dedicated to this beautiful perfume here.

The next is an old favourite for its scent and beautiful rose gold packaging. Who isn’t a sucker for rose gold? It’s Paco Rabbane’s Olympea. This scent is full with vanilla musky tones and is super sexy, elegant and fiercely feminine. I feel this fragrance would cater well for all ages as its got that classy twist to it. I love this more for an evening scent as it lingers throughout the entire night.

Inspired by the very famous Burberry trench coat, which is so iconic and luxurious, the My Burberry from Burberry captures a London garden after its rained. The scent is a contemporary grand floral musk with top notes of sweet pea and bergamot fuse, which is beautiful on the skin. This perfume really does give you the feel of luxury.

What fragrance is your favourite?

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