Although I’m quite a false lash fan and avid wearer, I do love to rock natural lashes now more than I did. I used to stick to the same mascaras and never questioned why they weren’t doing it for me, until now. I’ve recently discovered some of my favourite mascaras that achieve the ‘fluffy lash look’ without the falsies. So here are my top 3 mascara picks.

My oldest favourite here is the very well known Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I have so many of these, from full size to mini/deluxe, and the deluxe size is featured today, as are the other mascaras. This is a favourite of many, not just me, and it truly is amazing. The large wand gives instant length and volume and gives a really wispy effect. I find this mascara really easy to build up as well, so you can achieve very subtle lashes or extreme.

For a wispier effect, which is my favourite style of lashes, I always opt for the Wonderwand Mascara by Ciate London. I got this with the Chloe Morello collaboration, and this deluxe size has lasted me well buy generic priligy online over 3 months now. The wand is very similar to the Too Faced one but is a little wider, which gives that instant false lash effect and covers all of your lashes within seconds. I feel this one dries nicer on me than the Too Faced mascara and leaves a fluffier lash. I must pick up a full size of this, as this is my absolute favourite. I love to use this on top of falsies to, as it adds fluffiness and gives them extra wispiness.

Last but by no means least is the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, which I believed is packaged in a silver tube when full size (just in case that seemed a bit different). This is the mascara for you if you love thicker and bolder lashes. I feel this mascara needs a little more work than the others, but by all means gives the most dramatic lashes out of all three picks if you’re into that. I love using this for the bottom lashes to as the wand gets right into the little hard to get bits.

What is your favourite mascara?

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